About Extrity Security

Balance, Stability and Reliability

Extrity Services prides itself on changing the face of security. Our security professionals are trained with a white glove approach to security. Ensuring not only the guests, staff, and management are safe but that they receive outstanding customer service as well. We let you pick the right professional for your venue. Let us take one more thing off your plate by offering you licensed and insured security professionals who consistently participate in best practice training and keep security with high quality service their focus.


Mission, Vision and Purpose

Extrity Services Mission is Champion, Innovate and create preemptive Security Professional Services that put de-escalation, emotional Intelligence, and the psychological safety at the forefront of provide a safe environment for diplomacy and community. We will do this using Service, Hospitality, Integrity, Family, and Trust as the North Star of our Values and Shift Security to be Physical and Phycological.

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