Extrity Services Is a Leader in Event Security

Clients looking for the best event security in Chicago turn to Extrity Services for our knowledge and expertise. We are a security company that you can put faith in. Contact us immediately for more information about our event security service in Chicago, IL.

Every type of event is different. Experience, knowledge, and dedication to our clients make us the perfect solution. Here are some common types of events we service:

  • Large Outdoor Areas
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Auditoriums
  • Special Parties at Local Venues
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Extrity Services Has the Industry’s Best Team

Some security companies hire just about anyone, and these kinds of companies are staffed with unprofessional officers. Event security officers need to be extremely aware of their surroundings, but some officers just don’t care enough about their work. We only hire the best at Extrity. Our staff is filled with highly experienced and professional officers from backgrounds such as:

  • Police Departments
  • S. Military Branches
  • Hospitality Industries

Our officers won’t stand around looking at cell phones, and they won’t be rude or offensive. We have a disciplined team, and they do everything possible to make sure your event is safe, secure, and operating smoothly. Our event security officers in Chicago, Il are B.A.S.S.E.T. certified.

Professional Event Security Guards

The Importance of Security at an Event

Event security teams arrive at any scene first. Many things can happen at an event, and sometimes multiple things happen all at once. The following are some types of situations that could potentially occur:

  • Injury to a Guest or Employee
  • Damage to Personal or Private Property
  • Troublesome or Agitated Guests
  • Crowd Control Issues

We get to know your Chicago venue intimately before the event, and we create an overall event security strategy to ensure smooth operation. Extrity is ready to suggest appropriate event security checkpoints, officer patrol routes, and officer deployment locations. We cater to the individual needs of every client.

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Suspicious Activity and Immanent Threats

Our event security teams have extensive training and experience in dealing with threats. Our professional team is there to stop violence before it ever takes place. We take our job very seriously.

Extrity officers are well-versed in checking bags and belongings for weapons and other dangerous items. We know how to spot individuals that may not belong at a venue, and we pay attention to abnormal behavior. Our goal is to minimize risks as much as possible.

We know there is a fine line between overzealous and adequate professional event security. Our team strives to do the best job that can possibly be done, but we work under any limitations that the client places on us. If a client does not desire property searches, we omit them. Extrity is flexible.

The Importance of Controlling Groups of People

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big group or a small group. Even when an event is under control, the crowd itself can pose a significant risk. It’s best not to underestimate the importance of controlling any crowd. Proper event security procedures can greatly reduce the risks at your next Chicago event.

Crowds are faceless, random gatherings, and some people in the group may feel they can get away with vandalism and other crimes. Unchecked groups of people can also accidentally hurt someone during movement. Here are some important components of professional crowd control that we consider:

  • Seat Charting
  • Types of People at Certain Events
  • The Effects of Weather
  • Number and Placement of Concession Stands
  • Traveling Paths
  • The Presence of Alcohol

It’s important to be prepared for everything that might happen in event security. Some clients underestimate the size and scope of their event, and this can lead to numerous problems. We want your Chicago, IL event to run smoothly, and we also want to provide the exact level of event security service that you ask for. We’re available to tell you all about our past experiences and concerns.

Extrity Is a Company to Put Trust In

At Extrity, we want to be here for all of your event security needs. We eagerly listen to your questions and concerns, and our team stands ready to help analyze any safety issues. Our professionalism and our daily conduct are extremely important to us. We treat our clients like beloved family members, and the relationships that we build with clients are solid. Extrity is the dependable security solution that our clients have been looking for.

Need Other Types of Security in Chicago, IL?

Extrity is the perfect choice for professional event security, but we also offer a wide range of services. We cater to most needs. Simply let us know how we can best serve you. Chances are we have provided security for similar events, and we have excellent suggestions for clients that desire help with security planning.

Why Wait? Contact Us Now for More Information

If you have a specific need for professional security in Chicago, we offer a general private security service tailored to any need. Extrity offers a line of executive protection services, and we also have an executive security service for corporations with sensitive needs. All information is confidential. We also have a specific security solution for bars and clubs. We’re waiting to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to tell us all about your needs. We’ll tell you all about what we can do to make your upcoming event safe and successful. If you’re interested in employment with Extrity, we await your message. We also have a security event service in Philadelphia.