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The world is dangerous. The United States, especially, has seen an increase in crime and violence. It’s understandable if you want to know that you’re being kept safe whenever you walk out your door. Yet that safety is reliant upon the security guard beside you being trained well enough for the job. That isn’t something you should have to question. At Extrity Security Services, we can ensure that all of our security guards go through rigorous training to face any kind of scenario you might be placed in. That’s the difference between us and other security companies. Our guards are capable of private protection. Here’s everything you need to know about our private security services in Nashville, TN.

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Why Our Personal Security Guard is Different?

With no shortage of security companies in Nashville, TN offering private protection, how can you be certain that our personal security guards are any different from the rest? For one, we typically hire members who already have some kind of experience in combat or high-stress situations.

Many of our personal security guards are military veterans, off-duty police officers, or have experience in security or service in the hospitality sector. They know how to deal with people, and they know how to deescalate a problem.

Another reason our company and guards are different than other companies is that we take the time to train them. Some personal security businesses will simply sit down with their staff, tell them what to do, then release them for a job. We utilize intensive training, so our guards know exactly what the situation is like and how they need to respond.

We have several different training regimes based on the job and its requirements. If you want your private security to include being armed, then we make sure that only those who have passed our arms training can apply for the job. We take extra measures to ensure you only receive the best of the best in private security.

Best Private Security Guards in Nashville, TN

Why You Should Hire Private Security in Nashville, TN

Is having private security really necessary in a city like Nashville, TN? Absolutely. Because of its huge size, the city of Nashville has attracted both law-abiding citizens and those who are prone to violence and criminal activity. If you’re someone who is known for being wealthy, then you’re a target. Our personal security company can help ensure you’re safe as you travel to and from work and other locations.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about being stuck up or threatened as you go about your normal life. It’s up to our company to ensure your normal life goes smoothly. Being attacked or held at gunpoint can leave lasting emotional and mental scars. Don’t let your life be ruined just because you didn’t take the time to hire private security.

Benefits of our personal security in Nashville, TN include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Personal security
  • Avoid theft and trauma

Private Security For Active Clients & Companies

Our personal security professionals in Nashville, TN specialize in active threat prevention. When clients and companies trust in our private security team to ensure their safety, we take this responsibility seriously. With years of experience in the private personal security sector, we have mastered the art of adapting our security protocols to counteract threats and disruptive behaviors before problems occur. 

Our best private security services allow our partner companies and clients to enjoy renewed peace of mind and safety throughout their travels. By adapting our private security services to companies’ safety goals and clients’ active lifestyles, our services enable greater freedom and allow for company and client operations to continue uninterrupted.

Our Vigilant Security Experts Cater to You

We offer fully customizable private security options in Nashville, TN. Whether you have a high-profile celebrity client in need of reliable safeguarding or an executive team protected during a public event, we develop comprehensive private personal security plans around every unique job. Clients and companies in Nashville, TN trust Extrity’s private security team when they need:

  • Secure Transportation Escort
  • 24/7 Personal Security Detail
  • Home or Business Security
  • Valuable Property Protection
  • Camera Monitoring Services
  • & More…
private security nashville tn

The Best Team for Personalized Protection Around the Clock

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Every security professional employed at Extrity demonstrates characteristics of adaptability, friendly customer engagement, and is dedicated to watchful vigilance at all times. Along with reliable security, we want our clients to feel comfortable with our security team. Whether you require unarmed security personnel at the door, armed personal detail around the clock, or an entire security team for celebrity protection during an event, you can count on our friendly staff members to act with courtesy, helpful attitudes, and a willingness to accommodate your preferences.

We hope to establish long-term trust and credibility with our partner companies and clients. By only providing security experts that have experience related to your specific security needs, our well-organized security plans naturally integrate with your safety needs. With multiple security personnel and flexible scheduling available, accessing the best private security team in Nashville is simple.

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