Best Private Event Security Services in Chicago

Extrity Services is the number one private security contractor in Chicago, IL. If you’re looking for private event security or any other kind of private security for your company or companies, our services can satisfy your needs. As a top private security contractor, you should feel comfortable trusting us with all of your private security needs.

Security Guard Professionals

We Offer Private Armed & Unarmed Security Guards in Chicago

Our private armed security services are unrivaled in Chicago. We offer a safe and reliable service, and that’s exactly what’s required when firearms are involved. Our security professionals are trained to the highest standards so they can be trusted in all kinds of security scenarios.

When it comes to Chicago security guard employment, we demand the best. Our team has helped provide security to individuals and events of all kinds. There’s no company better positioned to offer private event security services, whether it’s private armed security or private unarmed security.

Private Event Security

Finding private event security in Chicago can be tough and it’s something many companies struggle with. Our event security in Chicago provides everything you need in terms of security and that shouldn’t be ignored.

We take a white-glove approach to security, which means you don’t need to worry about our security guards’ unnecessarily escalating situations. We take a different approach, ensuring security and a great experience for guests and event attendees.

Private Armed Security Guards

We offer a range of security services to businesses, so if you’re in the market for private security services in Philadelphia, look to Extrity Services. We offer private security to all kinds of companies. With a focus on safety and customer service, you won’t need to worry about anything.

We also offer executive security services in Philadelphia. So, if you want to make sure that, as an executive, you’re always safe and secure wherever you go, you can do that with our private security services. With private unarmed security and private armed security options open to you and your company, you can always feel secure.

Chicago Executive Protection

Chicago security guard employment can be tough if you’ve never hired security professionals for your company before. We’ve helped companies all over Chicago with their private security needs. That’s why you can trust us above all other contractors when it comes to private security.

Our Chicago, IL executive protection services are designed to ensure maximum security for individuals. If you want to make sure you’re never the target of a successful attack or robbery, you should use our private security services. We offer private unarmed security as well as private armed security services.

If your company needs a private armed or unarmed security contractor in Chicago, IL, you should look no further. Our security services are second to none and they cover all of the important aspects of security. Whether you’re looking for bar security in Chicago, private event security, private unarmed security, or private armed security, you can count on a contractor like Extrity Services to assist you.

Our Private Armed Security Team Adapts to You

At Extrity, our armed security professionals specialize in accommodating your evolving security needs. As a private security contractor working within high-risk Chicago, our armed security personnel are threat detection experts and have developed innovative security strategies to ensure the safety of your staff or event at all times.

We take our personal detail and private event security seriously. Whether we’re securing high-stake events, VIP clients, or companies’ entryways, our professional staff members are trained on the latest de-escalation and mediation techniques. With our effective psychological and behavioral training, our armed and unarmed security staff always attempt to calm disruptive behavior before using force but will adapt as necessary and utilize their extensive defensive training as needed.

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Depending on your personalized security preferences, we offer a variety of adaptable private security options in Chicago, IL to take your security to the next level, such as:

  • Individual Armed Security Detail
  • Corporate Event Unarmed Security Guard
  • Private Event Security Camera Monitoring
  • Armed Security Escort for Transport
  • Security Guard Training Services
  • & More…

Whether you need armed or unarmed security guard assistance, our vigilant team members act as courteous advocates on behalf of our partner companies. We strive to reflect our partner company’s values and only employ private party security members that have demonstrated characteristics of integrity, professionalism, and courtesy. 

Our company is built on healthy relationships throughout Chicago, and we do our best to earn your trust in our contractor services. By going above and beyond to exceed your private party security expectations every time, you’ll find that our accommodating and friendly team members are the perfect addition to your event’s success. 

Learn More About the Best Security Services in Chicago, IL

When you trust Extrity to handle your private security needs, you can expect a commitment to detailed planning and comprehensive security that considers every aspect of your safety. Whether you need one-time event security or executive security around the clock, our security specialists have a willingness to adapt and are well prepared for high-profile or risky jobs that require constant vigilance. 

With our naturally integrative security services, our security personnel easily blend into the background for professional protection from behind the scenes. Or, if you prefer prominently displayed security personnel, our staff’s reassuring presence stops problems before they begin. Whatever your safety concerns may be, Extrity’s top security services are designed to provide you with greater peace of mind and enhanced security at every level.

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