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Whether it’s in the wake of a pandemic or just normal operations, your grocery store needs to remain safe. People rely on your employees and products to feed their families and keep themselves healthy. If your grocery store is unsafe, then it may force them to travel further to receive the essentials that they need. At Extrity Services, we provide high-quality and professional grocery store security guards in Philadelphia. Here are some benefits that you can experience when you hire our grocery store security services.

Cut Down on Theft with Our Grocery Store Security

Part of having great grocery store safety is ensuring that you’re limiting the number of theft and shoplifting cases. Every successful theft is money leaving your pocket. Our grocery store security guards in Chicago and Philadelphia can cut down on those losses.

One of the best ways to cut down on theft and shoplifting is with our services. Having grocery store security guards put in strategic locations can act as a preventative measure. Criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they realize they’re unlikely to get away with it.

grocery store security philadelphia

Under the careful watch of our company, criminals will be unable to get away with stolen items. This saves you a lot of money in the long-run.

Improving Grocery Store Safety Improves Customer Relations

When your customers feel safe at your grocery store, they’re more likely to keep using it. If your reputation store garners a reputation for being unsafe, then you’re not likely going to see a lot of customers.

One way to improve your safety reputation is to hire our grocery store security team in Philadelphia. When your customers walk in and see our grocery store security guards, they’ll immediately feel safer. They know that our team is watching their back.

By feeling safer, you can improve customer relations and increase customer loyalty.

Our Security Guards Have Been Properly Trained To Handle Any Issues That May Arise In Grocery Stores

grocery store security philadelphia

Our Team Helps Your Staff Become More Productive

When your employees feel unsafe, they’re distracted from their work. Too much of their time is spent watching customers and ensuring they remain law-abiding citizens. Our company can help make your employees more productive.

Your employees can give up their watchdog duties to us. Instead, they can focus on their primary tasks. As a result, your store will become more efficient and productive. Since they feel safer, your employees are likely also going to be friendlier towards customers.

This can further improve how your customers perceive and feel about your store.

White-Glove Policies

Our grocery store security teams are trained in more than just responding to threats. They’re also trained in customer service. Because customer service is vital to your grocery store, we want to ensure that our team is friendly and respectful towards your customers. Your clients should feel as though they can easily approach our team with their questions or concerns.

Other Areas We Serve

Besides helping grocery stores, we also provide the following solutions:

  • Hospital security
  • VIP protection
  • Event security
  • Construction site security
  • Many more
Hire Us Today

When you need the best security solutions in Philadelphia, consider us. Our team provides both high-quality security and customer service for your staff and customers. Allow us to improve the safety of your grocery store and help you grow your customer foot traffic.

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