Private Security Companies in PA

Private Bodyguard Services in Philadelphia

As a leading private security company in Philadelphia, Extrity Services offers a range of PA companies the peace of mind and protection they need. We also offer a range of personal protection services and private bodyguard services that enable individuals to stay safe and protected in a variety of scenarios and situations.

Security Guard Professionals

Private Security

Our company offers reliable private security services to companies across Philadelphia delivered by the very best security professionals. We hire the very best, so you can be sure that when you hire us, the private security services you use will be delivered by experts who truly know what they’re doing. Whether you need a private bodyguard or private security, we’ve got you covered.

Private Bodyguards

Our private bodyguards are experts in making sure you stay protected as you move from point A to point B. No matter what kind of event or scenario you require a bodyguard for, we’ll be able to help you. Our team of private bodyguards has been through our careful security services employment process and can be relied on to offer the best services to you. So, if you want a private bodyguard you can trust completely, get in touch today.

Best Private Security in Philly

The personal protection services we offer are carefully planned and carried out by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing and how to keep you safe. As part of these services, we offer Philadelphia executive security for individuals who need to stay safe and protected at all times. Our private bodyguard services also offer ideal personal protection for the times when you need it most.

Bar and Hospitality Security

We offer hospitality security services in Philadelphia and companies across PA are already making the most of them. We understand the demands of the hospitality sector and how private security in that sector is so vital. The same goes for our bar security in Philadelphia. All of these private security services are delivered by the best professionals who have plenty of experience in these kinds of situations already.

Event and Executive Security

Our private security services also come in the form of Philadelphia event security. Events require a white glove approach and that’s exactly what we offer. We focus on making sure that your event is safe and secure, as well as that your guests and attendees can have a good time without feeling unnecessarily bothered or intimidated by the security presence.

When the time comes for you to hire private security professionals that you feel you can put your trust in, you need a company like Extrity Services. Our company is known for offering the very best private bodyguard and private security services in PA, and that’s something you can believe in. Get in touch if you want to hire us or find out more about what we can do for you.

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