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We’re not going to bore you with pretentious corporate jargon-we’re just a team of hospitality professionals that share a passion for safety and security. These elements are key to balance, stability and reliability in your business. We protect the continuity of your business by letting you operate free of outside influence. Proud members of the Illinois Restaurant Association and City Club Chicago.

Extrity in Chicago & Philadelphia

Our staff is comprised of former military personnel, hospitality specialists and off duty police officers.
Additionally, all security professionals are B.A.S.S.E.T certified and excited to adapt to your needs.
We are committed to providing the best protection for your staff, guest and family.

Executive Protection

We keep you safe and on time. More than security We provide assistance.

Counter Surveillance

Masters of distraction. For when you feel like they are watching you!

Security Patrol

Always on the move and always Watching. We’ll keep our eyes on you and your assets.

Hospitality Professional

Let us enhance your guest experience. We train extensively on proper etiquette.

Our Process

  • Discover
    We take a deep dive into your specific needs, challenges, experiences, and expectations.
  • Brainstorm & Quote
    Review our findings, set goals, create a pre-price.
  • On-Site Visit
    Confirm our findings, make assessments, and confirm choices
  • Custom S.O.P
    Standard Operating Procedures That Covers Everything
  • Select, Train, & Educate
    We hand select a team the fits your business, then train and educate them on the S.O.P
  • A Tailored Team
    Fit, Safe, & Secure

The Best Security Guard Training and Security Services in Chicago

If you’re looking to hire security services, we can help. Extrity Services is one of the best security agencies in the Chicago and Philadelphia area. We offer armed and unarmed security training as well as security guard service. Here are some services and features of our company.

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We Serve Many Industries

For those who are looking for the best security agencies to provide security services for their company, look no further. We can offer security for an assortment of industries and events like:

  • Grocery stores
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • VIP protection
  • Many more

We Offer Thorough Training

Unlike other security agencies that only offer one service, we’re one of the few companies that also offer security guard training. We have both armed and unarmed security training, so we can provide the best guards for your industry. Our hospital security in Chicago will incorporate professional and respectable guards who will treat your patients with care.

Our grocery store security in Chicago will help you cut down on losses due to theft and give your customers excellent customer service. It all begins with our armed and unarmed security training for security guard service.

Contact One of the Best Security Companies Today

Contact us to get started with hiring the perfect team for your needs. Our security services are perfect for special events, but we have services for a wide variety of situations in Chicago, IL. Contact us for more information about our extensive event experience, or tell us about your security needs. We will select a security guard with the right training and background for each task.

We do everything possible to make our clients happy at Extrity, and our company isn’t like some other security agencies. Our clients are extremely important to us. Each security guard at Extrity is dependable, professional, and keeps things confidential. Clients who have switched from other security agencies over to Extrity notice an immediate difference. We care, and it shows. Each security guard here has a high level of dedication.

security services chicago il

Unarmed & Armed Security Guards in Chicago

If you have an upcoming event, Extrity can help you come up with the perfect event security solution in Chicago. Our team is trained and ready to keep you safe in various crowds or events. Do you require armed or unarmed security? We serve as private security guards in Chicago and cater to many different types of businesses and situations.

Not sure what type of security you need? Ask us about our executive protection services or contact us to learn more about how our bar security services are protecting businesses in the greater Chicago area.

We are highly selective at Extrity, and we only hire the most professional guards. Many of our security guards have police or military experience, and they are B.A.S.S.E.T. certified. Companies know that we have some of the best personnel in the business, and we have developed many close relationships with businesses in the Chicago area.

We Have a Security Guard for Every Situation

Clients have great freedom to choose how each security guard works for them, but one of the main choices has to do with unarmed or armed security. Some clients prefer an armed security guard, and others prefer an unarmed security guard. The choice is an important one. Each type of security guard has its benefits, but unarmed security tends to be more common.

An armed security officer can have an imposing presence, and everyone in the vicinity will take note of the weapons the guard has. This can be very beneficial for stopping crimes before they ever take place. On the other hand, some clients feel that armed security creates a lot of unwanted tension.

Unarmed security officers have a highly visible presence, but the lack of any weapon tends to make people feel more at ease. The unarmed security officer has an easier time communicating with staff and guests.

Best Security Guard Agency in Chicago, IL

We are not happy just being an average security company providing basic security services. We work to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and security guard coverage. Our integrity is important to us, and the safety and security of your business always come first. We have:

  • Customized Security Plans
  • Specially Trained Officers
  • Rapid Response to Client Requests
  • Close Working Relationships with Clients
  • The Resources to Secure any Location

Join the Extrity Network Today

Many businesses in Chicago, IL trust Extrity to provide their security services. Send us a message to get started, and tell us about your Chicago company. We can help you decide between an armed or an unarmed security guard. Here are some businesses that are proud to be part of the Extrity Security Services network:

  • Virgin Hotel Chicago
  • Mitchell & Ness Philadelphia
  • Diamonds On Wabash( Jeweler)
  • Goose Island Brewery Philadelphia

We offer the best security services in Chicago, IL. We’re one of the security agencies that work hard to prove ourselves worthy of your decision. We also have security services in the Philadelphia area. We also offer careers at Extrity, and if you’re interested in employment with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Courteous & Professional Security Guards

Our Chicago security guards are committed to representing your company with professionalism, helpful attitudes, and vigilant security service. Our excellence in security starts with the healthy relationships we develop with partner companies across Chicago, IL. With every client, we develop customized security strategies that align with their needs and select the perfect personnel for a truly exceptional security experience from start to finish. We don’t simply staff the door or event; we provide our clients with professional security teams that have demonstrated proficiency in those particular environments.

We understand that companies, venues, and events require flexible security services. With every personalized security service offered through Extrity, you can expect our well-designed security strategies to seamlessly harmonize with your business or event. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the quality of your event or meeting, and our friendly and personable security experts are the perfect way to upgrade the professionalism of your event while simultaneously protecting guests and the integrity of your business.

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Chicago professional security guard

The Top Security Guard Training in Chicago, IL

With armed and unarmed security guards in Chicago available, we are well equipped to safeguard events, companies of all sizes, and provide an individualized personal security detail. As the top security agencies in Chicago, we have earned the trust of companies across Illinois because of our unparalleled commitment to adapting our flexible services to diverse, ongoing, and evolving security needs.

Along with our personalized security guard services that easily adapt to your business model, we offer armed and unarmed security training services. You may already have the ideal security candidate lined up, and our extensive armed and unarmed security training services are designed to bring out the best in every candidate with proven preparation techniques.

We have successfully trained a variety of top security personnel in our Illinois training agencies. Composed of ex-military, off-duty police officers, and personnel boasting diverse security backgrounds, our skilled team has the wisdom, seasoned guidance, and professional training capabilities necessary to transform novices into well prepared and confident security staff.

Our Security Guard Training Applies To Many Industries

Our in-depth security guard training courses in Chicago lead to well-rounded security personnel. Every factor is taken into consideration during training, and our candidates acquire valuable safety lessons that last a lifetime. During our certified armed and unarmed security training courses, our candidates in Illinois acquire:

  • Behavior Profiling Skills
  • Deescalation Tactics
  • B.L.S. & C.P.R. Training
  • Fear Hacking
  • Physical Stress Training
  • & Much More…

By honing in on the most vital aspects of well-rounded security, our agencies empower our students with a diverse range of applicable skills. Perfect for new candidates, or refreshing veteran security staff, our training is flexible and affordable.

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