Extrity Services Takes Steps to Better Employee Welfare

[Philadelphia, PA – May 2022] – Extrity Services is placing the needs of their team members first by implementing a series of internal changes and requirements for their team members. They have implemented these changes following an internal employee altercation that was fueled by motives consistent with a hate crime. 

Extrity Services owner, David Coleman, remarked, “The Extrity Services team is a close-knit family, and we don’t react kindly to anyone that tries to disrupt the happiness and safety of one of our family members. For that reason, we have implemented a series of positive changes to ensure the protection of all of our employees. As a security company, we are dedicated to keeping the community safe, and that goes for our team members, as well as our clients.”

To ensure the safety and security of its team members, Extrity Services has taken the following steps, effective immediately: 

  • Implemented Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments for current employees 
  • Added a Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment as part of the new employee application process, for an added layer of vetting
  • Distributed a training video on how to control your emotions in stressful situations
  • Sent an internal memorandum to remind employees about proper processes and procedures while on the job
  • Required mandatory sensitivity training for all employees  
  • Updated the employee handbook to include a personal pledge that states: Employees are to only display actions towards team members that will positively enrich the collective experience for everyone within the company

In regards to the recent altercation, the Extrity Services executive team has:

  • Terminated the guilty party and their accomplices, effective immediately
  • Offered 2 paid mental health days for those team members negatively impacted, in order for them to refocus for a productive future with the company

About Extrity Services:

Extrity Services is a best-in-class security company that supplies security professionals to businesses in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Nashville. Since 2014, their number one goal has been to provide the greatest protection possible to ensure their clients and customers are free from danger. They offer safety and reassurance to a variety of industries – from hospitals and schools to banks and hospitality venues. Extrity Services requires their security professionals to complete a heighten level of professional training in multiple areas, including de-escalation techniques, CPR/first aid, and safety best practices. By requiring continuous professional development, they have cultivated a team of individuals who are prepared for any situation.

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Wendy Pennell
Extrity Services
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May 11, 2022

Extrity Services
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