Extrity Services Intern Program is an internship that is open to undergraduate, graduate and PHD students. Interns work 15-25 hours per week and are assigned a site supervisor and Regional Manager. Students will learn about security in different Industries and learn from different department heads.

*Students who are currently taking a gap year or gap
semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic remain eligible for this program.

Typical Day

Hands-on assignments and professional development activities

Interns receive a solid overview of the Security Industry


We have a collaborative work environment that fosters inclusion. As a private security institution, we reflect all the communities we serve. Interns will have the opportunities to network with subject matters experts.

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    Learning Objectives

    Available Training(s)

    De-escalation Training

    Corporation: 4-8 hours
    Small business: 2 hours

    Motivations and Triggers Training

    4-8 hours

    Complexities of Violent Interactions Training

    8 hours

    Behavioral Profiling Training

    2-4 hours

    Psychological Stop Vs. Physical Stop Training

    8 hours

    Extreme Hazard Training

    2 hours

    Fear Hacking

    1-4 hours

    Date Stalking and Domestic Violence Training

    4-8 hours

    Continuity Planning Training

    4-8 hours

    Brain Work (OODA Loop)

    1-4 hours

    Stress Mitigation Training

    2 hours

    Response and Recovery Planning

    2-4 hours

    B.L.S. AND C.P.R. Training
    Physical Stress Training (Earth in Motion Fitness)
    Emotional Intelligence Training

    3-4 hours

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