What We Do

Security Professional

We provide qualified highly trained guards to multiple industries. Extrity Services prides itself on building you a well-rounded level headed security professional that can think and take action. 99% percent of the time the security professional will be contacting the guest in a social manner. We ensure that they are sociable, polite and informative.

VIP Protection

Our VIP protection team is highly trained and experienced in the art of discretion. Whether we are your 24 hour a day team or integrated with your 24 hours a day team. We play well in the sandbox with others. Our main goal is to keep your clients safe and out of the limelight when they do not wish to be there. Let our team take care of the day to day tasks so we can get you to the next location.

Special Projects

At Extrity Security we offer a variety of security services. From VIP Protection to Special Projects, we are the right company for you. Special Projects include: Short Term Security Projects, Pop-up Events, Movie Sets, etc. Contact us today to learn more about security services we can offer to your special projects.

Experts In The Security Services Industry

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection Team is comprised of professionals. They will keep you on schedule and safe at all times. We understand our role is to keep the executive safe as well as productive. From driving to picking up dry cleaning. Let us take care of your executives day to day needs so they can take care of the top line.

Construction Site Security

Extrity Security Professionals survey your site during the day and night and ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to your sensitive material and information. Your onsite assets will be safe. Avoid the cost of moving heavy materials and machinery by onboarding an Extrity Security Professional to keep everything in place. Avoid the cost of Vandalism. Contact Us!

Hospitality Professional

Hospitality, Hospitality, Hospitality, we would never tell the guest no, instead we provide options. Extrity Hospitality Professionals receive hands-on De-escalation training to resolve issues before management is needed to deal with situations and also alert management as soon as possible. We are there to enhance the experience of your guest. Doing this will allow your clients to get the attention they desire and need from our professionals. We take ownership in everything we do, as long as it is legal and moral. We will be there to fulfill your clients’ needs, no matter what it takes.

Front Desk Liaison Staffing

Front Desk Liaisons are the first people that the guest of the building interact with. We engage your guests in a professional and hospitable manner. Whether it be getting your guest to rooms or meetings. We expedite the process while keeping safety and documentation at the forefront of the interaction. Get digital reports at the speed of business by using Extrity Services!

COVID-19 Support

This year, Covid-19 has made the normalcy of everyday life more complicated. As the world begins to adjust to new health measures which help combat COVID-19, Extrity Services is here to promote safety and social distancing measures for our clients. We help facilitate and organize crowd control, screening measures, and capacity regulation to ensure social distancing and health & safety for all. Contact Extrity today to learn more about our Covid-19 support services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

From the minute these guys set foot on my property I knew I was in the right hands. They impressed me immediately with their professionalism and knowledge of the trade and have proved invaluable over the opening weeks of our new business. David shows up regularly just to check in on everything and even had custom outfits made for the staff at our location to match our design concept. That’s above and beyond.

Jenn A Kincaid - Owner, Uptown Underground

Extrity Security has been an integral part of The Boundary Tavern & Grille safety plan. The staff that have been assigned to The Boundary are always professional, respectful, friendly and personable. We value the partnership with have with Extrity and look forward to many more years to come.

Emily Woods - General Manager, The Boundary

Extrity has been a lifesaver for us. As operators of seven unique and distinct properties it would be a challenge for us to keep up with our ever changing security needs. Not only has Extrity been a great partner in managing those needs, but they have also been instrumental in offering solutions to our potential security risks. I know I speak for many in my company in saying that I sleep well at night knowing that the X-men stand post at my venues.

Jason Akemann - Owner, Bottleneck Management

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