Our Security Guards Can Provide Line Management & Crowd Control For Testing Centers in Chicago

We understand how frustrating the current coronavirus situation is for both our city and our nation. We understand that we have an obligation to keep Chicago a safe place for everyone in any way we can. That’s why we as security guards have expanded our services to include helping our clients and their guests. We are now offering services to help Chicago businesses do their best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through things like line management and screenings. Protecting our clients and their guests has always been our top priority and the pandemic won’t change that.

Guest Interactions

Many of our services include maintaining order at your establishment through our interactions with patients and guests.

  • We put hospitality first to help your patients and guests relax as much as possible. We know people might find the pandemic and CDC guidelines stressful, but we will be there to reassure and enforce safety. Everyone is greeted with a smile and hospitality by our security guards.
  • Our security guards can help maintain order at the points of entry. We carry out guest entry logistics such as capacity logs and enforcement. One of the best ways we can work to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to minimize opportunities for human contact.
  • Our security service assistance service allows us to direct patients and guests around your establishment, and we will do so using signage and instructions when needed. 
    • This serves the dual purpose of maintaining line management and crowd management for you. It helps to lessen the chances for the spread of coronavirus because it prevents people from gathering together.

Our services also include traffic management to help maintain crowd control and prevent an accident on the premises. We are still dedicated to all forms of safety and preventative measures for coronavirus.

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Safety Measures and Precautions

As we keep lines moving in an orderly fashion and handle crowd control when necessary, we will adhere to the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus amongst patients and guests. We know that some people find it unpleasant, but as security guards, we have a duty to protect citizens from all forms of danger in the city of Chicago.

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Access Security:

In offering security guard assistance, we do this by incorporating social distancing into our line management. People not of the same household will remain six feet apart. This is one of the most important parts of crowd management.

Our duties as security guards also require ensuring the proper use of a mask. We will not permit entry to anyone refusing a mask, and as security guards, we can remove them from the premises if and when needed.  

Our services also include coronavirus screenings and temperature checks before allowing entry to buildings. We are not able to carry out comprehensive COVID-19 testing, but instead, offer aid to services that can.

Testing Center Aid:

Our services offer aid for mandated testing centers, helping to control foot traffic and enforce social distancing. As security guards, it’s the best we can to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in Chicago.

We can also rent and set up tents and barricades at both testing centers and retailers when needed for crown control. 

Our security guards will enforce CDC guidelines and ensure calmness to those waiting so our clients can focus on testing patients or taking care of their guests.

By following these guidelines our Chicago security guards can promote COVID-19 prevention for everyone, you and your staff included.

Our Promise to Chicago

As security guards, we go above and beyond to treat our clients like guests. We want to create a positive environment, minimize stress, and keep COVID-19 from spreading in Chicago. We measure success not only by crowd management and security guard assistance but by making sure that our clients are satisfied with our security guards and our company. That’s what sets our company apart from the rest when it comes to security guard assistance and COVID-19 prevention.

Let’s work together to protect Chicago and make it safe.

Extrity’s services are not limited to Chicago. Our company’s services such as line management, crowd control, security guard assistance, and aiding facilities with COVID-19 testing are available in the city of Philadelphia as well as Chicago.

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