Our Security Guards Can Help Maintain CDC Guidelines & Practices in Philadelphia

At Extrity, we are aware of how the coronavirus situation has impacted both our city and our nation. We’re also aware that it’s our job to keep Philadelphia as safe as possible, providing services to business and testing centers. As a result, we have expanded our services as security guards to include helping our clients and their guests as best we can in Philadelphia. It is our goal to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through line management, crowd control, and screenings. We aren’t medical experts we can’t carry out COVID-19 testing. Instead, we offer aid to testing centers and other facilities. The safety of our clients and their guests remain our biggest priority, and that isn’t going to change because of the pandemic.

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Communicating with Patients and Guests

Most of our services are focused on maintaining order at your establishment by how we communicate with patients and guests.

  • We always show hospitality when helping your patients and guests. We understand people may be intimidated by the pandemic and guidelines, but our presence is here to reduce stressful situations. Our security guards will greet everyone with hospitality and a smile even if it is under a mask.
  • Our security guards maintain order at the points of entry. We will handle keeping a capacity log as well as other guest entry logistics. Minimizing human contact is one of the best ways to prevent coronavirus from spreading.
  • Part of our security guard assistance service means helping patients and guests find their way around your establishment, using signs when it’s more fitting for your location. 
    • This also assists us in line management and crowd management. By preventing people from gathering together, we lessen the chances of coronavirus spreading.
  • Our services extend to traffic management so we can maintain crowd control to prevent a vehicular accident. Our company is dedicated to keeping your patients and guests safe in any way possible, which includes protecting them against the coronavirus.

Hire Our Security Guards If You’re In Need Of COVID-19 Testing Line Management in Philadelphia

Promoting Safety

While we’re keeping the lines moving and addressing crowd control, we’re faithfully following the CDC guidelines so we can properly prevent patients and guests from contracting coronavirus.  We realize many people don’t enjoy following these guidelines, but our security guards dedicate themselves to all types of risk prevention in the city of Philadelphia.

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What We Enforce:

One of the ways we incorporate this into our security guard assistance is by including social distancing practices with our line management methods. People are to remain at least six feet apart, or two arm’s length, if they aren’t from the same household. This is one of the most effective means of crowd management that also helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We guarantee our security guards will strictly enforce the requirements that patients and guests are properly using masks. However, we know some people refuse to. Anyone refusing a mask will not be allowed entry, and as security guards, we can remove them from the grounds if necessary.  

Our Services:

We offer coronavirus screenings and temperature checks before permitting entry as part of our services. We can’t conduct COVID-19 testing, so by screening patience and guests, we can speed up the process of our clients. As security guards, we can help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in Philadelphia.

If necessary we can rent and set up tents and barricades at either testing centers and retailers for crown control. 

By following these guidelines our Philadelphia security guards further contribute to flattening the COVID-19. Naturally, our methods are done with you and your staff in mind as well.

Our Promise to Philadelphia

Our security guards go the extra mile to make sure our clients are treated like guests. We strive to promote a pleasant atmosphere, reduce anxiety, and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Philadelphia. We don’t define our strengths by how effective we are at crowd management and security guard assistance, but by how we ensure our clients are happy with our security guards and company. This sets our company apart from our competitors who offer security guard assistance.

Let’s do our part to make Philadelphia safe for everyone.

We are security guards for COVID-19 in Chicago and Philadelphia to protect citizens from the threats of the coronavirus. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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