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Your hospital should be a place where your patients can come knowing that they’re going to receive the best medical care possible. They should also know that while they’re in your hospital, they’re going to be safe. Hospitals can be a place for criminal activity due to the sheer amount of valuable medication and equipment that it stores. Extrity Services offers professional and trained hospital protection in the form of security guards. Our guards can keep your staff and patients safe. Here are some benefits of using our hospital security guard force in Philadelphia.

What Our Hospital Security Guard Force can do in Philadelphia

Our security guards are trained to help with the following:

  • Deescalate situations
  • Assist visitors and patients with standard questions
  • Respond to security threats
  • Hospital VIP protection
  • Protection of medical equipment and medications
  • Removal of disruptive visitors
  • Many more services
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Our company is among the best in providing a myriad of different security solutions as they’re presented. No situation is ever the same. Yet our hospital security guard forces are trained to respond to every possible scenario in the safest and most effective way possible. Sometimes this might mean the physical removal of someone from the premises. Other times, it may be a simple conversation.

We’re Experts in Hospital Protection & Safety Services

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Our Hospital Security Makes Your Staff Feel Safe

Hospital security guards in Chicago and Philadelphia remain one of the most effective ways to prevent crime. Criminals are less likely to do something when they see a formidable force nearby. Your hospital safety can improve simply by having our team stand around.

This increase in hospital protection also means that your staff can focus on what’s important. By alleviating their fears, they can focus on treating their patients and performing high-risk surgeries without added stress.

Hospital Security Improves Your Patients’ Experience

Few patients will want to visit a hospital that is deemed unsafe. By having hospital security installed, your patients will feel a great deal safer. Not only will they know that your doctors are working hard to treat them, but they’ll also see that you care enough about their wellbeing that you hired our company.

With patients at ease, they can focus on resting and recovering.

Limit Lawsuits by Preventing Crime

One way that a hospital can go down is through a particularly nasty lawsuit. Those lawsuits can emerge when you don’t place the safety of your patients above everything else. Should a crime occur in your hospital, then you may be facing a serious lawsuit. An effective way to avoid this from occurring is to invest in crime prevention.

Our hospital security in Philadelphia can remove threats before they cause damage.

We Train Customer Service as well as Threat Response

While responding to threats is vital for all of our guards, the majority of their time isn’t going to be spent responding to them. Instead, it will likely be dealing with minor disputes and helping visitors and patients that walk into your hospital. That’s why all of your guards are trained with eloquent and friendly customer service skills.

We utilize a white-glove kind of security that treats everyone like a VIP.

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When you want to improve your hospital safety, then choose us. Our team will keep you safe.