Professional Hospitality Security Guards in Chicago

When you’re looking for hospitality security in Chicago, Extrity Services can provide it. Offering highly trained guards to a variety of diverse industries, we provide level-headed security guards that are trained to take action. Because most of the time our hospitality security guards will be socially contacting guests, we ensure that our hospitality security guards are polite, sociable, and well informed. We provide a range of hotel security services in Philadelphia as well as Chicago

Security Services

Hospitality Security

With Extrity, our hotel security solutions include professional protection and exemplary guest support. Although we are trained for action, our hotel security specialists serve as a courteous and informative addition to every hospitality team. Politeness matters, as guests like to be treated with care by everyone on staff, including hospitality security guards.

When security concerns arise, our hospitality security guards and hotel security professionals prioritize non-violent de-escalation. Spoken words have been known to change history, and our hospitality security team is exclusively trained to diffuse disruptive situations while simultaneously promoting a smoother guest experience. With Extrity upholding your reputation, comprehensive hotel security and a higher standard of hospitality is our standard with every service.

Event Security in Chicago

Controlling a chaotic crowd, like at a concert, takes a highly skilled professional. We offer VIP protection as well as security at events, where patience and respect may be called for.

Chicago Bar Security

Bouncers and professional bar security should also have a level of awareness. They can provide solutions to potential security risks. Sleep well at night knowing that the best in bar and hospitality security stand guard in your establishment.

Chicago Private Security Services

Whether it’s a VIP or Executive, we provide a level of intelligent private security. They can help with day-to-day services as well as keeping executives safe and on time. We also have employment opportunities for hospitality security guards, hotel security, and more.

Chicago is a city that likes to be hospitable towards a diverse range of guests from throughout the globe. Hospitality security of the highest level should be aware of this fact. Our hospitality security guards and hospitality security are professionals that can deliver the best in security without intimidation or frustration.

We thoroughly screen and train our hospitality security to be polite and helpful to hotel guests. Our hospitality security is screened and chosen to give excellent customer service as well as security. With security training required by law, we train our hospitality security in matters that are important to your business and the hotel. Our hospitality security guards can add a level of security and customer service to your organization. We can take one more thing off your full plate of service to your clients and valued guests with our hospitality security guards and other security services.

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