When working with customers, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in stressful situations that run the risk of turning into larger issues. Mix in egos, emotions, and alcohol, and situations can get out of hand quickly. Are you and your team prepared to navigate these difficult interactions? We can help.

We are proud to offer an in-depth de-escalation training that will teach you the tactics that can be used in high-stress situations. In our extensive training, you will learn the tools and science-backed techniques that will allow you to defuse a stressful situation and create a more peaceful environment.

This training is most often presented in a group setting for whole professional teams. It is also offered at various times throughout the year for single registrants through our virtual event calendar; please inquire for more information on upcoming webinar training dates if there are none shown below in our training calendar.

Learning Objectives

Available Training(s)

De-escalation Training

Corporation: 4-8 hours
Small business: 2 hours

Motivations and Triggers Training

4-8 hours

Complexities of Violent Interactions Training

8 hours

Behavioral Profiling Training

2-4 hours

Psychological Stop Vs. Physical Stop Training

8 hours

Extreme Hazard Training

2 hours

Fear Hacking

1-4 hours

Date Stalking and Domestic Violence Training

4-8 hours

Continuity Planning Training

4-8 hours

Brain Work (OODA Loop)

1-4 hours

Stress Mitigation Training

2 hours

Response and Recovery Planning

2-4 hours

B.L.S. AND C.P.R. Training
Physical Stress Training (Earth in Motion Fitness)
Emotional Intelligence Training

3-4 hours

Certified Course Instructors

Our courses are led by certified teachers that are ready to train your team on health and safety best practices.

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