De-escalation training

De-Escalation Training

Course Instructors

DeEscalation Training

David H. Coleman

David H. Coleman is the Licensee in Charge of Extrity Services, a Chicago-based security agency providing security professionals and training to various Industries. David has been involved in security for 14 years, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice Administration, a Pennsylvania Private Detective license as well as being a Tennessee and Illinois Private Security Contractor. Through his years of experience, he has learned that negotiation is always preferred over confrontation.

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Learning Objectives

Available Training(s)

De-escalation Training

Corporation: 4-8 hours
Small business: 2 hours

Motivations and Triggers Training

4-8 hours

Complexities of Violent Interactions Training

8 hours

Behavioral Profiling Training

2-4 hours

Psychological Stop Vs. Physical Stop Training

8 hours

Extreme Hazard Training

2 hours

Fear Hacking

1-4 hours

Date Stalking and Domestic Violence Training

4-8 hours

Continuity Planning Training

4-8 hours

Brain Work (OODA Loop)

1-4 hours

Stress Mitigation Training

2 hours

Response and Recovery Planning

2-4 hours

B.L.S. AND C.P.R. Training
Physical Stress Training (Earth in Motion Fitness)
Emotional Intelligence Training

3-4 hours

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