De-escalation training

De-Escalation Training & Accepting Therapy

Learning Objectives

Available Training(s)

De-escalation Training

Corporation: 4-8 hours
Small business: 2 hours

Motivations and Triggers Training

4-8 hours

Complexities of Violent Interactions Training

8 hours

Behavioral Profiling Training

2-4 hours

Psychological Stop Vs. Physical Stop Training

8 hours

Extreme Hazard Training

2 hours

Fear Hacking

1-4 hours

Date Stalking and Domestic Violence Training

4-8 hours

Continuity Planning Training

4-8 hours

Brain Work (OODA Loop)

1-4 hours

Stress Mitigation Training

2 hours

Response and Recovery Planning

2-4 hours

B.L.S. AND C.P.R. Training
Physical Stress Training (Earth in Motion Fitness)
Emotional Intelligence Training

3-4 hours

Course Instructors

Sarah Silva

Sarah Silva, PhD, LCPC, NCC is a licensed clinical professional counselor who owns a group counseling practice with locations in the Chicagoland area, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. Sarah has worked in private security for three years. Focused extensively with individuals who work in high stress and dynamic environments, Sarah is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Sarah has experience with de-escalation of aggressive persons both in the community and in inpatient settings. Sarah has taught for Northwestern University, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, the University of the Cumberlands, and the City Colleges of Chicago.

sarah silva
DeEscalation Training

David H. Coleman

David H. Coleman is the Licensee in Charge of Extrity Services, a Chicago-based security agency providing security professionals and training to various Industries. David has been involved in security for 14 years, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice Administration, a Pennsylvania Private Detective license as well as being a Tennessee and Illinois Private Security Contractor. Through his years of experience, he has learned that negotiation is always preferred over confrontation.

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