Do You Want to Learn About First Aid in Chicago?

Will You Save Someone’s Life in Chicago, Illinois?

Today, taking a CPR course provides one of the best ways to learn a potentially life-saving skill. Many residents of Illinois enroll in CPR courses to obtain CPR certification. Some providers also offer basic first aid training.

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A valid CPR certification enables you to perform CPR during an emergency. The term “CPR” stands for “cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.” CPR sometimes helps restart a heart after someone experiences a heart attack or a life-threatening injury.

Get The Best CPR & First Aid Training in Chicago With Our Classes

Obtaining CPR training helps emergency volunteers undertake this procedure correctly. You’ll feel confident stepping in to assist others in need when you’ve taken a comprehensive CPR course and received your CPR Certification. Every year in the USA, 383,000 cardiac arrest incidents occur. Frequently, victims don’t even know they might sustain a heart attack.

Many CPR courses provide knowledge about first aid and automated external defibrillators (AEDs), too. Consider obtaining your CPR AED Certification to expand the situations in which you can supply life saving assistance. Simply by performing CPR, you might triple someone else’s chance of living through a cardiac arrest. You should consider taking these first aid classes today.

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Obtain New Career Skills

First aid classes and CPR training provide useful job skills for many people, too. About 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home, but they can occur anywhere.

Numerous employers prefer job applicants with a CPR Certification. In Chicago, some firms enroll their best employees in first aid classes and CPR courses. CPR training remains a valuable workplace skill.

Acquire a CPR AED Certification in Chicago

It usually makes sense to take first aid classes that offer information about AEDs. Today, you’ll discover these useful devices in many places: in public buildings, on airplanes, and in classrooms. CPR courses frequently teach students how to use an AED.

We strongly recommend that Chicago residents enroll in first aid classes. Consider taking comprehensive CPR training to assist people of all ages. Today, Chicago residents also take infant CPR courses and child CPR classes.

Enroll in Child CPR Classes

New parents benefit by taking infant CPR courses. Even babies sometimes experience cardiac arrests. Learn how to save the lives of infants and children by taking specialized courses in CPR.

Our comprehensive training teaches people how to save lives. Trained bystanders sometimes perform CPR during emergencies. Join us!

The Best CPR Training in Chicago

Whether you want to be a security guard, lifeguard, or you just want to be able to rescue someone in their time of need, learning CPR has its advantages. Yet, you need to be sure that you receive your CPR AED certification from someone you can trust. At Extrity Services, we provide CPR courses and first aid classes in Chicago. Here are some benefits you can receive when you take our CPR course and first aid training.

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Your CPR AED Certification Could Save a Life

When you receive your CPR certification, it means that you successfully completed your CPR training and are qualified to give someone CPR. There are many benefits to taking first aid classes & CPR courses. Some of them include:

Being able to save a loved one's life

Helping a choking or non-breathing child

Saving someone who has inhaled water

Gives you confidence

Your CPR certification in Chicago shows that you can help someone in need. When someone collapses, you’ll have the confidence in knowing that you can potentially save their life. It all begins with our CPR courses and first aid training.

Quality CPR Training Opens Doors in Chicago

At Extrity, our CPR classes and first aid training equip our students with a variety of life-saving techniques applicable in a variety of career settings. With complete CPR AED certification and first aid training available, our cost-effective and practical CPR courses are the perfect complements to a polished resume and valuable life skills.

We offer a range of relevant health courses in Chicago and strive to provide our students with practical first aid and CPR information backed by years of experience. If you would like to learn CPR and first aid, Extrity’s impactful courses empower students with practical first aid insight and several benefits, like:

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  • CPR Certification is Required by Many Employers
  • CPR Training is Quick & Easy
  • CPR Courses Provide Lifelong Skills
  • First Aid is Applicable Across Diverse Careers
  • CPR Classes Save Lives

Affordable & Convenient CPR Courses in Chicago 

With multiple classes and flexible schedules available, receiving the CPR and first aid credentials you need is simple. Following our CPR AED certification and first aid classes, we provide our students with a certificate of completion, which is essential for many onboarding applications or to remain compliant with employee obligations.

If you would like to learn CPR, our Chicago courses combine the best in realistic CPR scenarios with straightforward education strategies. With small class sizes, our hands-on first aid classes are personable, easy to follow, and perfect for first-time CPR students or experienced medical professionals. 

Our CPR certification courses include the latest health and safety protocols. By providing our students with clear and up-to-date information, our CPR certification and first aid courses empower our students with the skills and abilities they need to help others with confidence. 

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Schedule the Best CPR Training in Chicago Today

With small class sizes, personalized education, and hands-on experience applicable for a variety of career fields, the training you’ll receive at Extrity is the perfect complement to your skillset. Our instructors have years of experience providing CPR training, and practice patience, courtesy, and encourage an inclusive learning environment within every welcoming classroom. 

We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and have designed our training courses to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced students. Our CPR training staff will provide you with clearly defined educational material, real-life examples of proper techniques, and utilize the latest CPR dummies and AED devices so you’ll be fully prepared to use your new skills in the real world.

We offer flexible class schedules and diverse class options. If you’d like to learn more about the many CPR options we offer at Extrity, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call for the best and most affordable CPR training in Chicago!

What Do CPR Classes Cover?

Our comprehensive CPR courses simplify life-saving education for confidence and responsiveness in a health emergency. To prepare you for every emergency, our step-by-step CPR training in Chicago covers:

Emergency assessment and checking for responsiveness: Is the individual unresponsive, choking, or having a stroke or seizure? We teach you how to assess the situation and determine if CPR is the appropriate response. 

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Seeking medical assistance and the next steps: Every second counts when an individual is in life-threatening distress. We walk you through the recommended steps to contact help, begin CPR, and locate a defibrillator as soon as possible. 

CPR technique education and practice: We provide hands-on guidance for opening the airway, performing chest compressions, providing rescue breaths, and utilizing the defibrillator. Our comprehensive CPR training will prepare you to perform correct CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants with realistic practice equipment.

What Is the Difference Between Basic CPR & CPR With First-Aid Training?

CPR with first-aid training expands upon the course material outlined above. In addition to emergency situational awareness and correct CPR technique, our first-aid classes include a broad range of life-saving basics. Our first-aid courses guide you through wound/burn care, stroke/seizure/heart attack protocols, and other first-aid essentials such as responding to an allergic reaction, accidental poisoning, choking hazard, or shock injury. 

Following our first-aid certification training, you will have the skills and knowledge required to provide the most appropriate response for a range of life-threatening situations. 

Sign Up for Our Classes in Chicago Today

No matter who you are, you can benefit from learning CPR. Our CPR training can allow you to save people’s lives. To start your education and start saving lives, sign up for our class today.

Consider signing up now to obtain your CPR AED certification in Chicago. Use this training wherever you live.

By taking CPR and first aid classes, you’ll gain valuable skills. This knowledge proves useful on the job, at school, or in countless other common daily circumstances. Your CPR certification just might help you save someone’s life someday!

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