If an individual with malicious intentions were to enter your dispensary today, would you be prepared to handle the threat? Protecting your patrons and employees from the traumatic experience of a robbery or violence is worth every penny invested in dispensary security. At the end of the day, your ability to run a successful business and provide a comfortable guest experience is only possible if you maintain a robust dispensary security plan.

While your cannabis store may already have basic safety protocols in place, standard access control measures and surveillance systems are not enough to deter a motivated criminal. While panic alarms and a functional camera system are essential, these measures do not shield against the majority of threats as they are unfolding. Instead of hoping that no one is injured during a robbery, or dealing with insurance claims and lost business while recovering from a costly theft, our cannabis security firm specializes in proactive threat prevention.

Protecting Your Cannabis Dispensary is Necessary To Comply With Local, State, & Federal Regulations

To defend our Philadelphia business partners from angry customers, armed robbery, and petty theft of every kind, we offer a multi-pronged approach to safety. To optimize your defenses and ensure legal compliance, our customized security plans merge seamlessly with your existing safety features. For example, our security firm can manage all aspects of surveillance and access control, and even assist with courteous guest management for defense that exceeds the requirements outlined in PA’s security and surveillance code 1161.31. 

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When you join forces with our dedicated security firm in Philadelphia, your business benefits from:

  • Professional defense strategizing: We have extensive dispensary security experience, enabling us to provide detailed recommendations based on proven tactics to establish a comprehensive framework of security. From the welcoming guest experience to the ultra-secure cannabis transfers when the courier arrives, expect complete coverage when you count on our professionals to improve your security plan. 
  • Experts in the industry: Our dispensary security team receives rigorous training in threat assessment and psychological de-escalation, and maintains numerous credentials in armed and unarmed defense. Many of our officers have military, law enforcement, and other high-profile security backgrounds for capable protection and lasting peace of mind.
  • Prepared for Action, Devoted to Courtesy: Quality cannabis security and professional customer service are closely related. As important as providing a safer security framework, our kind and helpful team assimilates with ease. With every service, our goal is to complement your core operations with the level of excellence you expect from your own employees. 

Not sure where to begin with your cannabis security plan in Philadelphia? Our cannabis security pros specialize in identifying areas of weakness and will help you recalibrate your security measures for compliance and long-term operational success. 

Our Security Measures Include Surveillance Systems, Access Control, & Adaptable Guard Support

Upgrading your dispensary security in Philadelphia begins with a free security evaluation and no-obligation recommendations. Before committing to a security investment with Extrity, we hope to stand out from the crowd with a focus on clear guidance and practical strategies that align with your exact security needs. 

To experience our courteous and thorough approach to cannabis security, reach out for a helpful brainstorming session and discover the many ways we can prepare your business for safer operations and improved client relations today. 

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When you want to improve your hospital safety, then choose us. Our team will keep you safe.

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