Using the Right People for Executive Protection

There are reasons why major corporations and high-end businesses make significant investments in executive protection. Top-level personnel are considered to be valuable assets by boards of directors. Therefore, their safety is an immediate priority, worth serious financial expenditures. As Forbes magazine reports, comprehensive executive protection involves professional personnel, sophisticated equipment and well-protected vessels for transportation. Whether at corporate headquarters, private residences or travelling abroad, VIP security is becoming essential in the 21st century. Finding an executive protection firm that understands the dangers, and how to effectively meet them, benefits company culture.

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VIP Security Services in Chicago

CEOs and other executives rarely, if ever, work a 40 hour week. They may be at home or on the road, but the hours are long and the schedules intense. VIP security providers know that their talent must go the distance and beyond with the decision-makers in their care. Events, conferences, and meetings must be fully staffed with executive protection personnel well-versed in contingencies that might threaten the well-being of their clients. Alternatively, the venues hosting major events likewise have an interest in employing elite VIP security on site.

In Chicago, IL, Extrity Services’ private security deploys an array of military veterans, loss prevention professionals, and off-duty law enforcement officers to secure a location and maintain safety and order with event security. Extrity’s event security in Philadelphia does likewise, with sensitivity to the particular dynamics of that city location. Using executive protection staffers with diverse yet established experience in VIP security gives us an edge with hospitality providers and company management.

Executive Protection Security Guards

The chemistry and coordination among executive protection personnel go far to keep an event or trip problem-free. We understand that radio communication is far more immediate and superior to cell phone conversation when danger looms or disorder occurs. Knowing how to wear radio apparatus in an unobtrusive yet easily reachable orientation is part and parcel of quick responses and reactions. VIP security depends on them. Given the number of perimeters that may have to be established around security objects, clear and unclouded information exchange depends on top-of-the-line equipment and well-trained users. Whether working private security in Philadelphia or Chicago private security, Extrity professionals work like a well-oiled machine due to thorough training and state-of-the-art communications gear.

Knowing Local People and Patterns for VIP Security

Local knowledge of Chicago, IL or Philadelphia, or another city to which an executive protection principal travels has multiple advantages. VIP security providers are aware of geographic vulnerabilities and also vital ways to escape, if necessary. Chicago, for instance, has numerous neighborhoods with seasonal festivals and varying crowds. There are highways, trains, and landmarks that can facilitate or impede an attack. Executive protection professionals who know Chicago, IL have awareness of these avenues and strongholds. Hotels, taverns, and restaurants each have their own assets and liabilities in terms of VIP security and executive protection. Recruiting event security professionals in Philadelphia and Chicago, IL  for employment opportunities means finding those with useful connections to local law enforcement leaders.

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