Celebrity Security Services in Philly

If you’re in need of the very best security services in Philadelphia, Extrity Services is here to help you. We have a team of protection professionals who have experience and expertise in a variety of personal protection, including executive protection and celebrity security. We’re based in Philadelphia and have already delivered executive protection and celebrity security services to a range of individuals.

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The Best Executive Protection and Executive Security

When it comes to executive protection, you’re right to expect the very best from the protection personnel you hire. After all, nothing’s more important than personal safety and security. We’re the best executive security company in Philadelphia and our protection personnel will prioritize your safety and security above all else.

Skilled and Trained Protection Personnel

We have a team of highly skilled and trained executive protection personnel ready to offer you their services. Our Philadelphia private security company is the best around and the executive protection services we deliver are simply second to none. They’re experienced in the field of celebrity security, too, so if that’s something you feel you’ll benefit from, don’t hesitate to get in touch about our executive security and celebrity security services.

VIP Security Services in Philadelphia

We also offer a range of hospitality security services, so if you need executive protection in those situations or you simply offer hospitality services in Philadelphia, we can help you. Our Philadelphia hospitality security services are carried out by professionals with the right experience in this kind of setting.

Our Philadelphia bar security is similarly delivered. You can trust our security guards and bar bouncers to offer a white glove approach that ensures safety and security, without making things difficult for your customers and clients.

Event Security

Events require security as well. Whether you’re running an event or attending an event and require celebrity security for it, our Philadelphia event security services are for you. We know that famous people need protection and celebrity security at big events to ensure their safety and the crowd’s safety. We’ve carefully crafted an approach to event and celebrity security that works for everyone and ensures maximum security.

Reliable Security Guard Professionals

All of the security guards, bodyguards and bouncers we use are qualified and trained to the highest standards for the work they do. The security guard employment process we have in place ensures we only hire the very best, and you can be sure that the security personnel who complete work for you will be the best in the industry here in Philadelphia. We don’t cut corners or accept poor standards when it comes to the performance of our team.

Our Philadelphia executive security services can’t be beaten, and we’re sure of that. Executive protection is one of our major focuses and we have a team of professional executive protection personnel who know exactly what they’re doing. If you’re looking for executive protection or celebrity security, look no further than Extrity Services.

The Best Executive Protection Services in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you need celebrity security or executive protection, you know that it requires a different kind of help from security. A typical security firm or security guard won’t do. They’re not equipped with the experience or knowledge to handle executive protection. That’s where we can help. Extrity Services is a professional security company that specializes in celebrity security and executive protection in Philadelphia, PA. Here are some benefits you can expect from hiring us.

Our Company Takes Protection to the Next Level

When you need the best security in Philadelphia, PA, then you can rely on us. Our security team doesn’t just field people to the executive, we also deal with the executive with a white-glove policy. Our team is respectable and professional. They’ll treat your client with the respect that they deserve.

Our team can handle the following:

  • Security threats
  • Paparazzi
  • Transport security
  • Shooter threats
  • White-glove customer service

When you work with us, you’ll see why our security is top-notch.

executive protection philadelphia pa

Unparalleled Executive Protection in Philadelphia, PA

Our personalized approach to executive and celebrity protection sets Extrity apart from other security services. When executive clients and VIP personnel require guaranteed safeguarding, we utilize a multi-faceted approach to security for a superior level of protection. Perfect for celebrity security on the go, executive protection at events, or personal security detail around the clock, our security services integrate naturally with evolving security needs in any environment.

executive protection philadelphia pa

We employ professional security personnel with highly qualified credentials and diverse security backgrounds. Our roster of security professionals includes ex-military, off-duty police officers, and vigilant security guards that have years of experience protecting high-priority clients and VIP events. With all of our highly personalized security services, we carefully select the ideal person that has in-the-field expertise related to your specific security situation.

Executive Protection Designed Around Your Needs

Our effective executive protection services are adaptable and accommodating. With a suite of security services available at Extrity, our clients can choose from a variety of flexible security options that harmonize with their events and lifestyles. Our professional team is always personable, helpful, and willing to adjust their services to your preferences at any time.

For credentialed security services in Philadelphia, PA you can trust, we offer: 

  • Mobile Celebrity Protection
  • 24/7 Personal Protection 
  • Private Event Security
  • Onsite Patrol Service
  • Entrance Security 
  • Camera Monitoring Service
  • & More…

Learn More About Our Security Services

Along with our specialized executive and celebrity security services, our team is well equipped to upgrade your company or event’s security. Our well-organized security personnel can evaluate camera systems, verify the integrity of entryways, and actively monitor guests and event attendees for potential disturbances. 

When you trust Extrity with the safety and security of your corporate events or celebrity parties, you can expect a well-rounded approach to enhanced security. We are experts at uncovering the security gaps and will help you design a comprehensive security strategy that reinforces safety with consideration for every detail. 

For a free security consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call for comprehensive security designed to protect you, your company, and every VIP guest on the list.

executive security philadelphia pa
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