Security Guard Services in Philadelphia

Armed & Unarmed Security in Allentown, PA

Extrity Services is a professional private security company in Philadelphia that offers some of the best security guard services around. We’re focused on white glove security and high standards of protection. Our clients already love what we do and we’re looking to branch out and help even more companies and individuals across Philadelphia and Allentown, PA. We offer unarmed security and armed security, depending on what your specific security needs are.

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Philadelphia Bar Security

One important aspect of what we do is Philadelphia bar security. We know that bar security is tough because you want to give people the space and environment to have fun, but you also want to make sure that no one gets hurt and things stay under control. With our white glove approach, our security guard services can provide exactly what you need. People will feel relaxed and at ease and unnecessary problems won’t occur.

Event Security in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia event security guards are the best professionals in the business and you’ll have no trouble putting your trust in them. They offer armed or unarmed security guard services like no other and companies that are planning events across Philadelphia and Allentown, PA should feel able to use these services with confidence. If your company needs security guard services for events, look no further than Extrity Services. Whether you need one security guard or a whole team offering their services, we can help you with that.

Best Security Guard Companies in PA

As well as offering security guard services for events, we also offer them to companies in the hospitality sector. Our Philadelphia hospitality security services are enjoyed by companies across Philadelphia and Allentown, PA. So, if your company feels that its security is lacking, now is the time to make a change and start using our security guard services today. Companies need the peace of mind that comes with our top security guard services.

Professional Executive Security

Our bodyguard services are top-notch as well. Our Philadelphia professional executive security we offer is unrivaled, so if you’re here or in Allentown, PA and you need security guard or bodyguard services, Extrity Services can help you out. We offer armed security and unarmed security for companies and individuals across the area. No other security guard services or bodyguard services in Philadelphia or Allentown, PA can compete with ours.

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A Reliable Security Team

When you hire security guards, you need to know that they’re going to offer reliable and trustworthy services. That’s what we’re all about here at Extrity Services. We have a rigorous security guard employment process in order to ensure we only hire the best people. Our team is fully trained, whether they’re offering armed security or unarmed security services, so you can put your full trust in us.

Extrity is the company for you to turn to if you’re in need of the very best Philadelphia security services. There’s no better company out there when it comes to providing security guards and security services to your event or location in Philadelphia or Allentown, PA. Get in touch if you want to find out more about our services.

The Best Security Guard Services in Allentown, PA and Philadelphia, PA

When you need experienced and professional security, you don’t have time to hope that the security guards you hired can do the job. Instead, rely on Extrity Services. Our security guard services cover various industries and events. Here are some aspects of our security guard services in Allentown, PA and Philadelphia, PA that you should know.

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We Serve Various Industries

Whether you need unarmed security at a grocery store or armed security at an event, we have you covered. Some of the industries that we have protected in the past are:

  • Grocery stores
  • VIP security
  • Weddings
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate events
  • Many others

Our hospital security in Philadelphia is one of the reasons why we’re one of the best security companies in the PA area. We specialize in armed security and unarmed security, so hospitals can be sure they’re absolutely safe.

Unlike other security guard companies, we also provide grocery store security guards in Philadelphia. We can offer both armed security and unarmed security to ensure your assets, employees, and staff are kept safe.

Also, unlike other security companies, we offer to protect a single VIP. We specialize in white-glove security services.

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Don’t rely on other security guard companies in PA. Instead, rely on us. We’ll provide professional security and respectful customer service. See why we’re one of the best security guard companies in the area by hiring us today.