Whether you need bar or restaurant security in Nashville, TN, Extrity Services understands the many complexities involved in providing these types of services. We also fully understand how important it is that your patrons and employees are safe during any event at your bar.

Hiring a professional security company and a trained security guard is vital to ensuring that every night at your bar is safe, fun, and secure which creates a welcoming atmosphere. We provide professional security personnel in Nashville to keep your business and customers protected, and we provide our staff with the best possible training in the area.

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Why Do Bars Need Security Services?

Your Nashville bar needs security services for several reasons, but safety is the most important of all. Whether you’re planning a special event at your bar or it’s just a regular night, you want your employees, guests, and yourself to be safe at all times. If you’re holding a scheduled event at your bar, these types of events typically bring in a much larger number of people than you might during a “normal” night. The more people who are at your bar, the higher level of security you’ll need.

We’re happy to provide you with an experienced security guard or increase the number of existing security personnel you already have to add another layer of protection. These services are crucial for safety, but they’re also crucial if you want people to have fun. When patrons feel like they’re safe at your bar, they’re much more likely to have fun, too. Eliminating the worry is a good way to make sure that your guests are enjoying their night in confidence. It also improves the reputation of your bar, encouraging more people to come back again.

It will also leave a good impression on acts and performers, who will likely recommend your bar as a possible venue to others in the future. A trained security guard also helps your workers feel like they’re in a safe place. This makes dealing with larger crowds much easier for them, improving their overall performance. It can also help with employee retention, too.

The Duties of a Bar Security Guard

A bar security guard is there to keep a close eye on customers and look for potential disturbances such as fights or other issues. The security guard will resolve the problem quickly and remove them from your Nashville bar so that service is not interrupted.

Your bar could lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in revenue depending on how long the altercation lasts. Some altercations could last as long as 20-30 minutes, halting guests from ordering drinks, and tanking nightly projections.

We give your customers the best possible experience eliminating any worry about having to shut things down. Having this measure in place is crucial to your success, and it makes your bar legitimate in the eyes of Nashville officials and customers.

Here are just some of the most common duties of a bar security guard:

  • Checking ID: The bouncer will perform an ID check of every person before they enter the bar, ensuring that they are of legal age. They also know how to spot fake IDs, which protects your business from possible fines or violations.
  • Dress Code Enforcement: If your Nashville bar has a specific dress code, the security guard will make sure that every person is following the dress code before they come into the bar.
  • Dealing With Unruly Patrons: In most cases, a security guard will address conflicts or fights and deal with unruly patrons by removing them or by contacting local law enforcement.
  • General Protections: A qualified, trained security guard is there to protect you, your employees, and your customers from harm and will step in whenever they’re needed.
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Our Security Personnel Are Trained & Licensed

The security personnel at Extrity Services are fully trained and licensed to do their duties in Nashville, TN. We offer a comprehensive training program that includes essential services like CPR and AED training, first aid, de-escalation training, and extreme hazard training. Our team knows how to perform behavioral profiles, understands the complexities of violent interactions, and knows how to perform a psychological versus a physical stop when things escalate too far. 

Our Intern Program is open to undergraduate, graduate, and PHD students where they’ll work between 15 and 25 hours a week. Interns are assigned a site supervisor and regional manager as they learn about security protocols in various industries.

Your Trusted Partner for Security

Don’t trust the security of your bar to just anyone. Contact the team at Extrity Services at (800) 518-9229 to find out how we can help.

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