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If you’re a professional in the private security services industry and you want to work for the very best security company in Chicago, you should apply for a role at Extrity Services. We’re proud to be a top security company in Chicago, IL and we’re among the few security companies hiring for many different positions.

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Security Guard Jobs

Security guard jobs require a particular set of skills and we expect the best at Extrity Services. We offer services such as Philadelphia bar security, event security and personal protection. If you work for us, you’ll be working on a wide variety of security jobs. We have armed security jobs as well as unarmed security jobs available.

Armed and Unarmed Security Jobs

Our security guard jobs are well paid and hand you responsibility in your professional life. We offer things like executive protection services in Chicago and a range of other security jobs you might be interested in. As part of all of that, we offer armed security jobs and unarmed security jobs. So, whether you’re trained in armed security or not, we’ll have a role that suits you.

Unarmed Security Jobs in Chicago

When you work for Extrity Services, you’ll be working for the best security company in Chicago, IL. We also offer our unbeatable security services in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for security companies hiring and you want a job that’s rewarding and challenging, we have just what you’re looking for.

Security jobs of this calibre and quality don’t come along all of the time, so if you’re looking for good security guard jobs, be sure to get in touch with us. You’ll be working across Chicago and will be given the chance to take on all kinds of challenges and rewarding security tasks in the city.

Bar and Event Security

We offer all kinds of event security in Chicago, and these jobs can be a lot of fun to work on. We focus on white glove security, so our priority is to keep everyone at the event safe, while also allowing people to have a good time and experience great service from our event security professionals.

On top of that, we offer Chicago bar security. If those are the kinds of security jobs you’ve been looking for and you want to focus on unarmed security jobs, we have a host of positions that could suit you. Bar security is a vitally important part of what we do, so get in touch if you have experience in that setting.

If you’re looking for security companies hiring for security guard jobs in Chicago, IL and you think you’ve got what it takes to work for Extrity Services, you should get in touch and apply today. You’ll enjoy a variety of exciting and rewarding jobs as long as you’ve got what it takes to meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

The Best Security Guard Jobs in Chicago IL

Are you driven to protect others? Perhaps you like to challenge yourself and find typical office work to be unmeaningful. A life in security may be just the kind of rewarding challenge that you need. At Extrity Services, we provide security jobs hiring people just like you. We’ll give you the unarmed and armed training that you need, so you can perform your very best on the job. Here are a few benefits of working with us.

We’ll Help You Find the Job That You Deserve

There may be a lot of security companies hiring, but few of those companies take the time to match you with the job that best fits you. We’ll help you find the unarmed security jobs or the armed security guard jobs that you’re comfortable with. We provide security jobs hiring for the following scenarios:

Event Security

School Security

Hospital Security

Construction site Security

VIP Protection

Bar/club Security

security guard jobs in chicago

We’re one of the few security companies hiring for an assortment of armed and unarmed security jobs.

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