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Chicago, Illinois is just one city among thousands, but it has long been named one of the top cities for violent crimes. As such, many citizens of Chicago are looking for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Luckily, we offer just the solution. Located in the biggest city of Illinois, we provide options that can increase your sense of security and confidence, even in dangerous situations.

What The Training Session Includes:

12 Hour Classroom Style Learning Environment

Applicable IL Statutes and Definitions

Firearm Transportation Laws

Officer Interactions

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The Best Gun Safety Classes Around

Anyone in Illinois can learn how to discharge a weapon. In addition to the basics, we also offer specialized concealed carry classes. These conceal and carry classes will teach you how to eliminate any suspicion from you and your weapon. After you have completed firearms training, learn how to discreetly carry your firearm and remove any unwanted attention from you.

Whether you’re out for a morning stroll, or on your way to meet a friend for dinner, our concealed carry classes will teach you the best techniques to conceal and use your weapon. And once you complete the conceal and carry classes, we’ll walk you through a concealed carry permit class so that you can be officially licensed to carry a concealed firearm in the city of Chicago.

We also have options for those looking to go professional with these skills in the Chicago area. In addition to our handgun classes and concealed carry classes, we also offer armed and unarmed security training. For security guards, concealed carry classes aren’t always enough. This course will walk you through concealed carry training, the basics of security guard training, and firearms training. Completion of this class will give you all of the necessary skills involved in security guard training. Whether you’re looking for armed or unarmed security guard training, we can teach you all of the skills you need. Plenty of top-tier businesses in Chicago, IL are looking for security guards that have been trained in armed and unarmed skills. Our specialization in armed security guard training will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to effectively protect your space and yourself as a security guard. In addition to gun safety classes, self-defense training, and firearms training, armed security guard training will allow you to legally own and wear a concealed weapon via our concealed carry permit class. We will strengthen your firearms prowess, equip you with defense skills, and help you become extremely effective with both armed and unarmed security training.

Additional Information

But we also know that there are plenty of citizens in Chicago simply looking for increased safety for themselves and their loved ones. So if you need something a little lighter than armed security guard training, we offer a gun safety class to get you started. Once you’re confident in your ability to discharge a weapon, you can complete our conceal and carry classes. This concealed carry training allows you increased freedom and confidence.

No matter the time of day or your individual circumstance, living and working in the most dangerous city in Illinois without protection can be frightening. That’s why we do our best to provide you with all of the options you desire. Never fired a weapon before and want to learn the basics? We’ve got you covered with a gun safety class. Want to carry a concealed weapon for your protection? We’ll walk you through concealed carry training and help you get licensed. Looking for a job at a security company? We offer armed and unarmed security training, maximizing your ability to get hired wherever you’d like. Whatever your concern, we can help you gain confidence in a range of skills including concealed carry, CPR training, and firearms techniques. Give us a shot! Our classes will help you gain control over your circumstances and equip you with all the skills you need to be safe in Chicago.

The Best Conceal and Carry Classes in Illinois

What better place to learn about firearms training and security guard training than in Chicago, IL? The Chicago area has long since been known as a place for crime. For many residents, the security that they need lies in being able to carry a weapon with them. However, before they can do that, they need concealed carry training and a concealed carry permit class. Extrity Services specializes in conceal and carry classes as well as security guard training. Here are some of the benefits of using our courses in Illinois.

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We’ll Teach You Gun Safety in Chicago, IL

Anyone who wants to carry a gun in Chicago, IL needs to know about gun safety. It will save your life. Our gun safety class will teach you how to use a gun in a safe manner. Our concealed carry training class will show you how to place your gun on safety and how to safely carry it.

Our gun safety class also goes a few steps further and leads into our concealed carry permit class, so you can receive your carry permit.

We’ll Give You Firearms Training in Illinois

If you ever need to use your gun in the Chicago area, then you need to do so safely. Our concealed carry permit class can give you the firearms training that you need to use your gun effectively and safely. Our concealed carry classes will help. Our armed security guard training can also help. In our armed security guard training class, you’ll understand how to use your weapon effectively.

Our concealed carry classes are helpful for:

Security Guards




The Security Guard & Firearms Training Specialists

Our seasoned security guard training professionals are proud to share their extensive security wisdom and in-depth firearm skills with our Chicago area students. Our practical security expertise enables our Chicago, IL team to provide our candidates with the highest degree of armed security guard training; our training leads to better job opportunities, well-rounded security skills, and verified credentialing that sets our students apart from the rest.

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Life in Chicago, IL can be a dangerous place to live with gun violence on the rise. To empower our local communities with safe and effective gun skills, our concealed carry permit class and armed security guard training courses are designed to enhance the abilities of our students with solid fundamentals and verified gun handling techniques. Everyone deserves access to proficient firearms training, and our concealed carry training in Chicago is the best way to prepare for modern-day uncertainties and threats.

Why Take Our Firearms Permit Classes in Illinois?

We hold our firearms training personnel to a higher standard of excellence. When you entrust Extrity with your training needs, you’ll acquire a diverse range of useful and applicable abilities, such as:

  • Proper Firearm Handling Techniques
  • Education on Carrying & Transportation Laws
  • Active Shooting Skills 
  • Weapon Selection & Gun Care
  • & More…

Our Concealed Carry Classes in Chicago Develop Lifelong Skills

In our expansive concealed carry classes in Illinois, students acquire a strong firearms training foundation. Our conceal and carry classes go beyond simple gun law and handling education; our gun safety class includes real-life examples of effective gun handling, in-depth gun psychology guidance, and is taught by expert security staff that has years of practical experience. 

After undergoing our concealed carry classes in Illinois, students are well prepared to succeed in a range of relevant careers. For those interested in becoming professional security personnel or looking to advance with a police or military position, our concealed carry permit class lays the framework for lifelong success. 

Along with learning practical gun safety, usage, and law education, our conceal and carry classes are accessible and affordable. Designed to empower our Chicago, IL community with practical and actionable skills, we believe that everyone deserves access to the best firearms permit classes without breaking the bank.

Learn More About Our Concealed Carry Training in Chicago 

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Our training services are designed to develop well-rounded gun safety habits and open up many doors for exciting new career opportunities. After undergoing our concealed carry training, we’ll gladly help you take your skills to the next level. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in security, our comprehensive security training and resources make it easy to make the transition.

To learn more about our flexible training and other services, don’t hesitate to give our helpful security professionals a call today! 

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By taking the conceal and carry classes, you’ll gain valuable skills. This knowledge proves useful on when interacting with officers, traveling, or in countless other common daily circumstances. Your conceal and carry license just might help you save someone’s life someday!

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