Upgrade customer safety, defend your assets, and promote staff peace of mind with our dispensary security team shielding your operations. Dispensaries are prized by criminals, and when not properly prepared, are an easy target for a quick cash and cannabis grab. Even if you have standard defense protocols in place, dispensary security risks continue to evolve year after year. From petty theft and disruptive customer situations to life-threatening armed robberies that can be prevented before they begin, your cannabis store gains the modern security edge with Extrity on your team. 

Recommended Security Measures To Help Protect Your Cannabis Store

A well-designed dispensary security plan accounts for preventative and reactive security measures. To optimize your business defenses in Springfield and Decatur, IL, our dispensary security team recommends: 

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  • Commercial-grade access control systems: Reputable door systems and difficult-to-crack locking mechanisms are the first line of defense. Upgrading to trackable, badge-entry access control systems is a great way to streamline staff access while simultaneously preventing unauthorized intrusion.
  • Tiered entry and limited guest numbers: Before allowing guests access to the main store, a pre-screening area that is separate from the primary shop can be used to verify identifications and evaluate for suspicious behavior. It is also recommended to reduce the total number of patrons allowed into the shop at any given time for ease of visitor monitoring. 
  • Improve camera and detection tech: Smart upgrades like automated recording, motion sensing technology, and facial recognition software can be employed for crime detection and threat mitigation. When a would-be violator knows that they are being recorded, they think twice before taking criminal action. 
  • Audible and silent alarm systems: A system that loudly deters criminals and a silent system that can be used in case of an active robbery are necessary. For best results, ensure that your system synchronizes with your doorway/window/motion detectors and is set to automatically alert security or law enforcement personnel when triggered. 
  • Invest in armed security and surveillance professionals: The best defense is onsite cannabis security guards. Cameras and alarm systems only deter and help catch criminals after the crime is committed; expert security guards prevent more crimes, stop active assaults, and protect your business from every other violent, disruptive, or destructive threat that emerges

For other professional dispensary security recommendations, our cannabis security experts in Decatur, IL are your all-in-one resource for compliant and confident dispensary operations. We are here to shield your employees, safeguard your assets, and improve the customer experience with every personalized plan of defensive action.

Our Security Personnel Are Qualified & Thoroughly Trained

Our violence and theft prevention teams in Springfield and Decatur, IL are qualified to manage a broader array of dangerous situations. For example, we actively protect several high-profile shops that need cannabis security in Chicago, IL, one of the most dangerous areas in the nation. Many of our team members are ex-military, have extensive law-enforcement experience, and have served in active security capacities for their entire careers. In other words, we have come face-to-face with nearly every threat imaginable and are well-prepared to adapt and overcome when stressful situations erupt. 

With each customized security plan in Decatur, IL, we provide security officers who specialize in your area of need. For instance, we can save your dispensary money by providing an unarmed security guard to support your surveillance needs. Alternatively, if you have experienced a string of thefts and need the best we have to offer, we can connect you with a top-tier armed security agent who has years of experience protecting and serving. 

Even if you only need helpful dispensary security recommendations, we are happy to provide cannabis security advice without obligation. For a free security consultation, get in touch with our Springfield, IL security experts for more information today. 

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