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cannabis security illinoisMore and more companies are discovering that their businesses are attracting the attention of professional criminals and casual thieves. Cannabis security for medical marijuana in Illinois becomes increasingly important because of the high incidents of robberies, employee theft and other security incidents. Our staff provides security guard services for schools in Chicago, IL and other critical security services that include bank security guards in Chicago, IL.

Our latest expansion targets the increasing security problems in the state for medical marijuana security. Our security services can provide dispensary protection and other security services inside and outside your facility. Our guards receive de-escalation training in Chicago to manage the most unusual and potentially explosive situations.

Our Signature Medical Dispensary Security

Our medical marijuana security services in Illinois include dispensary armed security, but our work doesn’t stop at the door. Statistics show that there is a tremendous amount of in-house theft, and we have the ability to track down internal theft. We also handle other dispensary security issues that include:

  • Providing plain clothes security protection for executives and customers
  • Protecting employees and their families
  • Preventing hijackings of deliveries
  • Guarding production facilities
  • Keeping vendors and customers safe
  • Deterring crime with a visible uniformed presence for cannabis security

Our cannabis security staff is well vetted and trained, and many are ex-armed-services staff, former law enforcement officers and special forces veterans. Extensive training in medical marijuana security issues provides your company with extensive cannabis security options for any aspect of marijuana production, sales, deliveries and processing.

Dispensary Security Guards in Rockford, IL

We try to help your company beef up dispensary security and proactively prevent crime, and we can advise you about the best security practices. For example, the following recommendations can go a long way to prevent robberies, internal theft, customer confrontations and other marijuana-related incidents:

  • Identify Medical Dispensary Security Risks
    The threats are both internal and external, and dispensaries need programs to improve cannabis security in both areas.
  • Implement a Program of Video Surveillance
    Video surveillance is an essential theft deterrent.
  • Choose the Right Equipment
    You should choose cameras that are both cost-effective and of high quality. You need the necessary bandwidth and storage to review operations for 45 to 90 days to identify anomalies that might indicate theft.
  • Install Cameras in Your Illinois Delivery Trucks
    Delivery trucks carry high-value cargo that needs protecting as much as armed cash deliveries. You might need an escort or truck to handle the day’s cash receipts.
  • Consider a POS Tracking System
    A POS tracking system can pay for itself in a remarkably short time by generating better cannabis security. New RFID tags carry more complete information on your inventory, and this technology is harder to spoof.

Our Top Cannabis Security Services

dispensary security chicago, ilOur top cannabis security services include a professional dispensary security audit to identify internal and external threats, robbery risks and other threats to safety and cannabis security. Some of our top services include:

  • Helping you comply with new regulations that affect medical dispensary security
  • Dispensary armed security personnel for any part of your supply chain
  • Services for Chicago, IL and Rockford, IL.
  • Remote monitoring cannabis security services for managing your video surveillance equipment
  • Consulting on equipment and technology that you need for increasingly strict cannabis security regulations
  • Customized investigative and and cannabis security assessment services in Illinois
  • Escort services
  • Intelligence gathering for proactive security efforts
  • Agency liaising

Our Teams Perform with the Highest Level of Professionalism

medical dispensary security illinoisUnlike some services, we have extensive experience working with civilians, and we understand how important it is to keep a low profile during regular business transactions. We have experience in providing property management security services in Illinois – including Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL – and we always strive to provide professional, low-key, and effective medical marijuana security that won’t disturb your customers, vendors, or employees – unless protective action becomes necessary.

Putting Security and Safety First in a Turbulent Industry

You can safeguard your business interests, protect your customers and staff and meet the challenges of legal marijuana safely and professionally by hiring trained security personnel from our experienced company that already provides top services to Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL.

The legal marijuana industry faces serious challenges from casual thieves, organized criminals and employees who can’t resist the cash and easy access to high-quality cannabis that’s grown by professional cultivators. We close the opportunities for easy scores, such as excess cash on the premises.

The banking industry has failed to embrace the fledgling medical marijuana industry because of opposing federal and state laws, high-risk credit card processing and other factors. That results in additional worries for dispensaries, delivery staff, cultivation centers, broker-dealers and marijuana processing organizations.

The Crime Statistics Are Frightening but Manageable

Marijuana legalization advocates have always maintained that legalizing cannabis reduces crime. Legalization doesn’t stop illegal production, but it reduces it substantially. However, the targets of marijuana-related crimes have shifted to legitimate businesses selling the product. Unfortunately, businesses now bear the brunt of robberies, onsite thefts, employee stealing and keeping large amounts of cash on the premises because of bank reluctance to offer processing accounts to legal marijuana sellers.

The biggest risk for companies involved in the production and sale of marijuana is employee theft because the companies handle lots of cash and marijuana products that are relatively easy to steal.

That’s why it’s important to hire dispensary security to remove the temptation and serve as a visible reminder to employees, customers and criminals that your company won’t be an easy target. We have the necessary experience to provide front desk security in Illinois, handle special events, keep your security confidential and protect your executive staff from threats and risks.

Normalization, Predictability, Security and Business Success

At Extrity, we can customize our services to meet your needs – whether you’re involved in cultivation, production, dispensing, delivering or brokering marijuana in Illinois. Our dispensary armed security teams always maintain the highest professional standards. Having trained cannabis security officers onsite can deliver peace of mind. Contact us today for a confidential consultation of your security needs in Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL.

Versatile & Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Security

We specialize in customized cannabis security for companies across Illinois. With rapidly evolving marijuana regulations across Chicago, IL and Rockford, IL, implementing adaptable security for cannabis dispensaries are imperative. As dispensary security specialists, we are well equipped to provide companies and clients with a flexible team that is highly organized, expertly trained on active theft deterrence, and accommodates multiple facets of your medical dispensary security needs.

With complimentary security consultations available in Illinois, our expert team can quickly help you discover the gaps in your protective measures. We evaluate carefully and provide you with realistic feedback on your current security systems, like:

  • Camera System Evaluation
  • Cash & Product Management
  • Employee Oversight & Monitoring
  • Doorway and Storage Security
  • & More…
chicago dispensary security

With every personalized and comprehensive dispensary security plan, we take every factor of your business model into account. Unlike other agencies that provide basic security for cannabis dispensaries, our comprehensive strategies improve both internal and external security on multiple levels.

Armed Security Dispensary Guards Protect Your Profits

chicago il dispensary security

Along with comprehensive security evaluations and upgrades, our armed security dispensary guards are an amazing criminal deterrent. Recommended as the best security agency in Illinois, we employ certified professionals that have demonstrated proficiency with de-escalation tactics, threat evaluation, and proven techniques to prevent problems before they occur.

Hiring the right armed security team is paramount for sufficient protection while maintaining the welcoming aesthetic of your storefront. Our considerate staff have been extensively trained on courtesy, etiquette, and strive to become symbiotic extensions of your business. We do our best to blend in with our partner companies and aim to accommodate your preferences while protecting your employees and company property with vigilant expertise.

Proactive Security is a Wise Business Decision

With high-risk industries like medical marijuana, utilizing our services to proactively protect your inventory and cash-based business is a smart business move. While it may seem like overkill to hire an armed security guard, the presence of armed personnel is one of the easiest and safest ways to ensure that your business continues to operate uninterrupted for increased safety and profitably.

If you’d like help designing a comprehensive cannabis security strategy adapted to your business model, give our professionals a call today. Whether you need camera monitoring personnel, friendly entrance security, or would like a diligent escort to safeguard your inventory transportation, our experienced security team at Extrity hopes to earn your trust with comprehensive, affordable, and credentialed security services that consider every aspect of your protection.

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