Never compromise on patient and staff safety with Extrity supporting your operations. Protecting others is our passion. Improving safety protocols is our specialty. With our collaborative approach to hospital security, we evaluate areas of need, implement cost-effective security solutions, and support our hospital partners with a heightened focus on guest-friendly excellence in Tennessee.

Our Highly-Trained Security Personnel Will Ensure the Safety of Patients & Staff

From the hospital parking lot to the equipment storage areas, our umbrella of hospital security services in Tennessee makes it easy to accommodate your every safety need. 

At the entry, our welcoming guards provide friendly and helpful service while establishing a prevailing sense of comfort for every guest and visitor who enters the hospital. While patrolling the parking lots and hallways, our watchful presence promotes staff peace and visitor reassurance, and improves your facility’s reputation. 

tennessee hospital security guard

With advanced training in numerous fields of security, our security guards are well-prepared to support a diversity of hospital security objectives. Our hospital security guards in TN provide direct support for:

  • On-unit patient and guest safety: If a disruptive or violent patient/visitor/staff issue arises, our responsive security guards provide calming and solution-oriented interventions. We are extensively trained in psychological de-escalation techniques, empowering our guards to stop the majority of problems without the need for force. 
  • Receiving bay and entryway protection: When valuable medical equipment and supplies arrive, our dedicated professionals will be there to protect the transition. We can provide stand-by support, monitor all surveillance cameras, and manage all entry points for authorized access.
  • Hospital-wide monitoring and communication: We work closely with hospital staff members to ensure cohesive security coverage. If a nurse or doctor needs help, our communicative guards make it easy to receive security assistance. If a suspicious or potentially violent individual is identified, we communicate with relevant hospital staff members to evacuate the area and initiate security protocols without delay.  

Our best facility safety and visitor management plans come with open-ended customization. Hospital security requires cohesive protection and an organized emergency response plan; to optimize hospital security, our team backs every service with practical recommendations that are fine-tuned for your budget and potential risk factors. 

Our Hospital Security Solutions Include Access Control Systems & Video Surveillance

The best defense in hospital security begins with cost-effective preventative measures. A popular service we provide for hospital and hotel security in Tennessee involves behind-the-scenes support for key roles such as doorway access monitoring and 24/7 camera surveillance. 

Our Nashville team is extensively trained in suspicious behavior detection and threat awareness. And, with our eagle-eye services shielding your hospital’s front lines, our guards can identify and prevent the majority of problematic situations before risks escalate. Invest in better access control management and proactive surveillance for enhanced patient safety, theft prevention, and an improved hospital reputation.. 

If your TN hospital system could benefit from comprehensive security improvements and affordable protection, consider your safety objectives accomplished when you partner with our team. For a free security consultation and practical tips to improve your safety protocols, contact our security strategists at Extrity today. 

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