Protecting your business from a single violent or destructive incident more than justifies a hotel security investment. The need for enhanced security measures has become even more pronounced in sectors like the hospitality industry. Substance abuse, property damage, and other disruptive behaviors have become commonplace in hotels, and establishing a vigilant security plan is an effective way to prevent the majority of incidents. 

A better hotel security plan with Extrity combines exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art security measures. From the reception desk to the penthouse suite, we take the guesswork out of hotel security while respecting your budget and business preferences. Above and beyond your average guest safety practices, our turn-key hotel and hospital security in Tennessee is powered by:

  • Leaders in the security sector: We overtrain and employ a diverse team of qualified, confident, and well-prepared security professionals in Nashville. 
  • Collaborative security services: We analyze your existing safety measures and assist in creating a more robust security plan that provides an umbrella of coverage for your hotel. 
  • A focus on courteous customer assistance: We represent our partners with the utmost professionalism and a commitment to providing helpful and courteous interactions every time. 
  • Accessible and scalable hotel security: We are well-prepared to support your evolving safety needs. Whether you need multiple security guards for one hotel or you want to optimize your security strategy across a chain of Tennessee hotels, we are here to meet and exceed your growing security needs. 

All of the above benefits are integrated into every service we provide. We never hesitate to accommodate changing preferences, and we work closely with our Nashville partners to maintain security plans that synergize with all current and future safety goals.

What Does Hotel Security Include?

Our most comprehensive hotel security plans in Nashville, Tennessee include patrolling guard duty, around-the-clock camera surveillance, assistance with visitor management services, and other guest safety services such as monitoring access control systems and developing crisis communication plans. 

To minimize your security costs and achieve your security goals, we can modify our scheduling and include services to suit your exact budget and service model. For example, we can stretch your security budget further by employing a front desk security officer who performs multiple duties such as perimeter patrols, guest support, and camera surveillance. Even if you require multiple officers and a more comprehensive plan across several hotels, our cost-efficient services make it easy to access the constant and comprehensive security your business needs to succeed. 

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Hotel Security Prevents Property Damage & Protects Guests

With our responsive team on duty, there are several proactive strategies we use to protect guests and prevent disruptive property damage. First, we maintain open channels of communication with all staff members and respond quickly if a disturbance arises. If a suspicious or aggressive individual is threatening people or property in any way, we employ de-escalation strategies, and protective defense tactics, and will do whatever is necessary to restore a safe and peaceful environment.

In addition to constant staff communication, our Nashville, TN experts specialize in active threat and crime detection. With a combination of active guard patrols and dedicated camera surveillance, our goal is to protect your property from damage, vandalism, and theft before the problem occurs. 

This is only a glimpse of the professional solutions we offer at Extrity. To start building an impenetrable security plan for your hotel in TN, contact our security specialists for a free and informative consultation today. 

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