In the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, taking steps to stand out with a heightened focus on guest safety can pay dividends in repeat business. One of the best ways to achieve this standout difference? A courteous and welcoming security presence establishes credibility and confidence in your enterprise.

From Access Control To Video Surveillance, Your Hotel & Guests Will Be Well Protected

At Extrity, hotel security and outstanding guest interactions are synonymous. As a direct extension of your brand’s reputation, we are committed to friendly visitor management, non-violent threat prevention, and collaborative security planning to help you protect your business from every angle. 

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To optimize hotel security in New Jersey, there are several proven security strategies we employ. Our safety experts can help you implement improved hotel security measures such as: 

  • Entryway Guest Support & Security
  • User-Friendly Access Control Systems
  • Camera Surveillance & Onsite Patrols
  • Executive Security Detail Services

However we enhance your security protocols, all services include ongoing support and a flexible security model that accommodates your ever-changing operational needs. For instance, if you are planning an exciting hotel promotional event, we can support your venue with additional security staff members, organized guest list management, and walking security patrols for event-wide peace of mind. 

Alternatively, if you only require basic security services, such as a single unarmed or armed professional to protect the door, we are here to shield your property and your people with steadfast vigilance. With every manned service, you can anticipate helpful attitudes, credentialed staff members, and affordable plans that make it easy to maintain long-term hotel safety. 

Hotel Security Best Practices

We exclusively employ security personnel who have undergone extensive training and maintain numerous related credentials. Our New Jersey team has a mastery of psychological de-escalation strategies, non-lethal threat prevention techniques, and weapon safety, and maintains life-saving CPR certifications. As a result, our professionals arrive prepared to manage a greater range of potential threats will knowledge, confidence, and proven threat prevention tactics. 

Non-violent threat management defines our best hotel security practices. We are extensively trained in defensive unarmed/armed techniques but only defer to physical security interventions if necessary to protect others. Fortunately, the vast majority of security risks can be resolved with a calm and appropriate de-escalation response. By identifying suspect behavior and dissolving violent tension before a problem arises, we promote a safe and peaceful experience for every guest and staff member. 

Alongside our proactive security philosophy, our hotel and hospital security in NJ can be used to complement other beneficial business plans. For instance, our New Jersey hotel security team provides: 

  • Crisis communication planning to improve guest safety
  • Around-the-clock security for hotels of any size
  • Staff training services: We offer empowering courses like CPR and de-escalation training to improve your company’s safety from within

Our big-picture approach to security comes with constant communication and ease of service adjustments. At any time, if you would like to implement additional services such as camera surveillance, walking patrols, or expand the security plan to another hotel, our professionals are well-prepared to support every hotel in your company’s portfolio.

Planning a secure and guest-friendly security plan is simplified with Extrity on your team. After determining your specific security needs and goals, we offer business-specific protection recommendations and connect you with a security professional(s) who has extensive experience in your area(s) of need.

To explore the many ways we can protect your business and impress your clients, reach out to our security specialists and develop a safer hotel plan today. 

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