Safeguarding patients, visitors, staff, and valuable medical assets requires a comprehensive approach to security. Since hospitals are exposed to an array of risks such as guest/patient disputes, and medication/equipment theft, and are responsible for protecting highly-sensitive patient information, a capable security team is essential.

Our Professional Security Guards Will Keep Staff, Patients, & Visitors Safe

At Extrity, we are redefining patient safety and visitor experience with hospital security that provides an umbrella of defense. With your facility’s unique requirements at the foundation of every security plan, our professional hospital and school security team in New Jersey offers:

nj hospital security
  • A Collaborative Plan of Action: Our inclusive services begin with an in-depth discovery and brainstorming process to establish a safer strategy from the start. While organizing an optimal security protocol with our team, we address key needs such as entryway protection, emergency response planning, surveillance strategizing, and recommendations to enrich overall patient safety. 
  • Discreet & Courteous Visitor Management: As a direct extension of your hospital’s image, our hospital security team is committed to kindness and professionalism. While protecting the hospital, we are more than happy to assist with guest information and other tasks such as visitor sign-ins and more. 
  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring & Patrolling: A well-designed hospital security plan requires a broad scope of protection. We can protect your facility from every angle with 24/7 surveillance camera monitoring, access control system management, and physical patrols to maintain a safer facility inside and out. 
  • Adaptive Security Responses: With our attentive hospital security team on-site,  we don’t delay when a potentially violent or agitated situation arises. Our swift and experienced team members are extensively trained in nonviolent de-escalation strategies, unarmed/armed defensive practices, and specialize in threat detection to stop violence and theft before it occurs. 

All of our hospital security solutions in NJ can be further refined and adjusted as needed. For example, we can integrate a mixed security plan that accounts for changing needs throughout the day. Perhaps you only need a single security guard to uphold facility protection at night, but you would like to hire additional security professionals to assist with increasing patient/guest management needs throughout the day. However we can facilitate a safer environment and promote smoother hospital operations, our hospital security team in NJ is your all-in-one resource.

Why is Hospital Security Necessary?

Adequate hospital security synergizes with all aspects of a hospital’s operations. Most importantly, establishing an environment that promotes staff, visitor, and patient safety is non-negotiable. Individuals depend on your organization for care and a safe place to recover, and investing in hospital security in New Jersey directly contributes to this mission. Also related to patient safety, an on-site security team promotes patient confidentiality. By ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to your facility, patient privacy and overall hospital safety are preserved. 

Furthermore, a defensive security plan has become increasingly necessary to prevent medication and equipment theft. New Jersey has experienced a sharp rise in substance abuse cases, and the need to protect high-value medical supplies has become a priority. This rise in substance abuse has also led to an increase in mental-health-related patient/visitors issues, further emphasizing the need for highly-capable hospital and hotel security in New Jersey.

Fortunately, our versatile security plans in NJ defend against all forms of violence, disruptive behavior, vandalism, and theft. Whether you are hoping to improve guest relations, establish a safer atmosphere, or secure your high-value assets, consider your security goals accomplished when you partner with our experts at Extrity.

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