Best School Security Services in Chicago, IL

Best School Security Services in Chicago, IL

de escalation training illinoisVerbal De Escalation Training & Crisis Management in Chicago, IL

Acts of vandalism and violence are all around us. De-escalation in schools today requires armed security guards in some areas. This need for de-escalation in schools is part of a growing social problem that Extrity is solving. Our security company knows security is a valuable component in crisis de-escalation. Potentially dangerous situations require updated de-escalation training for awareness of new verbal de-escalation training techniques that can save a life. Extrity knows safety and security requires de-escalation training for schools, de-escalation training for nurses in hospitals, and some crisis de-escalation training for all adults.

Extrity knows the vulnerable places where it is essential to implement crisis de-escalation techniques. Hospitals, churches, schools, nightclubs, grocery or department stores, and office buildings have an increased likelihood of a violent event taking place there. Our staff of security professionals have the verbal de-escalation training, and ongoing crisis de-escalation training for any emergency situation. In Chicago, IL, the news of violence is a daily occurrence. Throughout the area from Chicago to Rockford, Extrity has increased security for our clients.

What is Extrity Services?

Extrity is extra security when you need it. We are security professionals at your service for on demand duties and regular assignments. Our highly trained crisis management staff provides professional security services, while maintaining a pleasant and congenial demeanor for the greatest level of customer service for your guests in your security situation.

Extrity supplies trained guards who receive continuous education to learn best practices that enhance their skills and increases their effectiveness in securing your location. Extrity staff stays updated on diverse modern techniques for crisis resolution.

Who Needs Extrity Services?

Extrity offers programs to implement the de-escalation training for schools and learn verbal de-escalation tactics for students. We’re among the best security companies for schools in Illinois.

Extrity can provide front desk security in Chicago, IL and security staff at your venue for 24 hours a day. We extend professional courtesy to your guests, while maintaining the highest level of security. We are master security liaisons between you and your guests. Our front desk security in Chicago, Illinois are the best around.

Extrity provides VIP protection for individuals or groups as your security needs require. Extrity Services are there when you need us for individual security or crowd control. We are on the job, whether you see us or not.

Extrity Services has offices in Philadelphia and in Illinois. We serve construction sites in Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL. Contact our property management security in Chicago, IL if you’re interested in receiving extra security protection.

Choose Our Crisis Management Services in Illinois

crisis management illinoisOur security techniques for de-escalation in schools are keeping up with the changing face of de-escalation training for nurses in hospitals as well. Extrity promotes verbal de-escalation training for our security staff to meet the needs of our client. We offer sophisticated, discreet protection for VIP assignments or a strong show of security for large groups. The de-escalation training plan designs an approach using verbal de-escalation training over brute force in security. To meet our customer’s needs in the Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL areas, we promote a higher level of crisis de-escalation. Choose Extrity because we know Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL.

Extrity is experienced with banks throughout Illinois, providing high level security for locations in Rockford, IL and Chicago, IL. Our armed bank security in Chicago, IL has the crisis management training to manage dangerous situations.

At Extrity we provide licensed, trained and insured security professionals with valid credentials and ongoing certification in crisis de-escalation and verbal de-escalation training. Choose Extrity because we reinforce crisis management techniques and teach advanced security methods. We have branched into security for cannabis companies in Illinois, as legalization sweeps the country.

Extrity Services provides de-escalation training for nurses in hospitals and de-escalation training for schools in Chicago, IL where we provide security services. Today, hospitals, nightclubs, churches, schools, concerts, movie theaters and office buildings are viewed as soft targets for predators. Our security team, whether highly visible or discreet among the crowd, assures the safety of everyone at the location.

Consider your security, today. It is better to have security and not need it, than to be without security when there is an active shooter.

Extrity will teach security methods to work in tandem with our protective plan. Be aware of your surroundings, learn methods for avoiding problems and if necessary, know how to suppress a threat. Learning our crisis de-escalation methods could save your life.

Our staff is constantly training to keep their mind and their body in top condition for service. People rely on Extrity security guards to create a sense of safety in public places. Armed security guards have become essential to keep the population safe. Contact Extrity to provide the trained and reliable security staff to meet your protection needs.

Our security staff presents a strong deterrent to criminal activity by making their presence visible. Our staff has de-escalation training to diffuse situations but, if necessary, our physical training enables us to restrain suspects and secure the area until law enforcement arrives.

As hard as it is to consider, if there is any chance that an unwelcome guest could arrive at the wedding, or a disgruntled former employee could show up at the office, or a mentally unstable movie patron could be ahead of you in line, you would want the peace of mind that comes from having a uniformed security guard nearby. One armed guard, in uniform and on high alert, could make all the difference.

At Extrity, sharing our knowledge with our clients of de-escalation training for nurses and de-escalation training for schools in Illinois gives those professionals confidence to work with us in a bad situation. We work with our clients to ensure we all know what to do in a security breach.

For event security, executive protection and a variety of security services in Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL, contact Extrity, the best choice for the professional security staff you need.

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