We don’t take chances when it comes to the integrity of your school’s security measures. As the front line of defense against violence, disruptive behavior, and vandalism, our comprehensive school security plans account for every eventuality.

If you are hoping to maximize entryway safety and streamline visitor management, our school security firm provides turn-key assistance with all entryway duties. Our courteous and helpful guards can verify faculty badges, assist with guest information, and provide many other access control services to secure the most vulnerable areas of your school. 

Alongside coverage for common school safety needs, our adaptive security model makes it easy to fill key safety roles. For instance, if you are hoping to minimize vandalism and deter parking lot crime, we can implement numerous measures to enhance outdoor safety and promote a more welcoming campus exterior. Alternatively, if your school is concerned with the rising prevalence of bullying, drug use, or other internal problems, beneficial additions such as heightened surveillance and hallway guard patrols can quickly restore the safety of your school.

Our Security Measures Include Emergency Response Plans & State-Of-The-Art Surveillance

After addressing the primary safety risks, our school security firm advocates for ongoing staff and student safety with onsite surveillance services, assistance with emergency response planning, and other services such as active campus patrol. 

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We improve security protocols with: 

  • Experienced Security Recommendations: Identifying and resolving inadequate security measures is standard with our solution-oriented security team. During the initial discovery and brainstorming process, we evaluate your existing protocols, discuss practical improvements, and implement a customized strategy that aligns with your core security needs.
  • Courteous and Adaptable Guards: Our expertly-trained security guards can accommodate your school’s safety needs in many ways. For example, if there is reasonable suspicion that a student may have a weapon or illicit substances, our guards can assist with related searching and student detainment protocols while awaiting further instruction from school administrators or law enforcement officials.
  • Affordable Service Options: Our school security firm is here to protect your school and your budget with flexible services for every need. We can assist with part-time safety duties such as employing a single unarmed guard for visitor management, or implementing a multi-tiered surveillance, patrol, and access management security plan for year-round campus safety. However we shield your students, faculty, and facilities, you can expect fair rates and unparalleled protection with every plan. 

We Prioritize Student & Staff Safety 

All school security services at Extrity involve ongoing communication and active adjustments as needed. Security risks are unpredictable and come in many forms; our diverse security backgrounds and extensive training provide a broader framework of support to respond appropriately and without hesitation. 

To ensure a higher standard of student and staff safety, our primary approach to aggressive or disruptive situations is non-violent threat de-escalation. Our security team is extensively trained in credible psychological interventions, enabling our professionals to deter and resolve the majority of threats without the use of force. Only if necessary to protect lives or prevent harm to another will our security professionals intervene with the appropriate use of defensive action.

For threat levels of every kind, we have a solution to support your exact security goals. To learn more about our unarmed, armed, and expertly-trained security professionals, get in touch with our knowledgeable officers and discover the many ways we promote campus-wide peace of mind. 

Choose One of the Most Experienced Security Companies Today

When you want the most effective and experienced school security guards patrolling your school and keeping your students and staff safe, then we’re the ones to call. Contact our team today.

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