Trust Us to Create a Protected Environment That Fosters Learning & Peace of Mind

With each protective service, our goal is to improve school security measures on multiple fronts. During the initial discovery and brainstorming process, we empower our school security clients in New Jersey with: 

nj school security
  • Experienced recommendations to improve crisis and emergency response protocols
  • Practical security guard solutions to reduce problematic student behaviors such as bullying, illicit substance use, and vandalism
  • Improved access control strategies to prevent unauthorized school access, safeguard student entry, and streamline visitor management processes
  • Planning that improves facility-wide safety: From ongoing video surveillance to hallway guard patrols, our adaptive protection is capable of reducing threats across the entirety of your campus

Through inclusive collaboration, we empower your school with security protocols that address your underlying safety needs and adhere to your long-term goals. As your security goals evolve, we make it easy to modify the security plan, accommodate your budget, and implement additional safety services as needed.

We Will Assign Security Guards to Your School & Implement Access Control Systems

Our school security services in Philadelphia and New Jersey are exclusively provided by qualified, screened, and courteous security professionals. Protecting students and faculty is a responsibility we take seriously, and our guards stand out in the industry with numerous credentials that exceed your average security firm. 

To provide a superior standard of excellence and verifiable student safety, our industry-leading security team in NJ is: 

  • Expertly trained in psychological de-escalation strategies: The best defense against violence is preventative verbal communication. Non-violent threat prevention is a key element of our staff training, and we empower our officers with numerous strategies to calm aggression and minimize disruptive behavior before tense situations progress. 
  • Respectful and helpful: When you trust in our team to manage entryway security and access control, professionalism defines our approach to every service. Your students, visitors, and faculty members can anticipate pleasant and helpful attitudes whenever they interact with our team. 
  • Prepared to manage a broader range of situations: Our experienced team has come face-to-face with common and uncommon risk factors of every kind. Beyond the basics of defensive security, our team is CPR-trained, well-versed in emergency response protocols, and is ready to adapt to any other threat with proficiency. 
  • Affordable and accessible: We take pride in providing exceptionally convenient service at reasonable rates. Whether you require a basic security package or comprehensive security guard coverage for multiple buildings, we believe that quality security should be an affordable possibility for every school. With Extrity shielding your school and your budget, it is. 

Improve Your School’s Security Measures in NJ Today

To learn more about our school and hospital security in New Jersey, contact our security specialists for helpful recommendations today. We back every service with personalized security guidance, upfront service estimates, and numerous options to fulfill your ongoing safety requirements. 

Choose One of the Most Experienced Security Companies Today

When you want the most effective and experienced school security guards patrolling your school and keeping your students and staff safe, then we’re the ones to call. Contact our team today.

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