Cash and cannabis attract a crowd, and some of those individuals may not have the best intentions. When suspicious, violent, or disruptive clients pose a threat in any way, we don’t hesitate to intervene with calm and calculated protection. Protecting others is our specialty, and our expertly-trained dispensary security team in New Jersey is capable of defending against threats of every kind. 

Our Comprehensive Solutions Include Video Surveillance & Access Management

To promote unwavering employee and customer safety, there are several cannabis security services we provide. Most popularly, we are the go-to dispensary security company in Philadelphia and New Jersey to stop robberies before violence or theft occurs. 

To shield your dispensary from the majority of theft and violence risks, we defend cannabis stores in NJ with: 

dispensary security nj
  • Unarmed and Armed Security Guards
  • 24/7 Camera Surveillance 
  • Professional Access Management 
  • Theft-Deterring Security Plans

Our key to reliable cannabis security in NJ revolves around business-specific security recommendations. Any security company can place a security guard at the door. We take the time to identify and resolve dispensary security weaknesses with a focus on your exact needs, goals, and risk factors. By establishing better defenses from the ground up, our processes stop robberies, prevent violence, and preserve your company’s reputation.

Cannabis Stores Are Attractive Targets for Theft & Robbery

cannabis security company new jersey

Thieves and violent offenders reconsider their malicious plans when they see our dispensary security team. We are committed to providing courteous service, yet, we establish a strong and commanding presence that immediately reduces the likelihood of crime. 

In the unlikely event that a robbery is attempted while our team is on-site, we are professionally trained to mitigate aggression with tactical precision. Our security specialists in NJ receive extensive training in nonviolent de-escalation strategies, unarmed defensive combat, weapons training and safety, and maintain numerous credentials in various realms of protective safety. 

To provide the best dispensary security possible, we hand-select our NJ team members for the specific role. For example, if you need armed cannabis security because of multiple theft attempts, many of our team members have military/law-enforcement backgrounds and years of experience dealing with armed aggression. In other words, if you have been searching for a security company that can handle any threat, all of your cannabis security needs are covered with Extrity. 

Connect With Our Security Pros & Secure Your Business Today

When you partner with our experts at Extrity, you gain more than a dependable security guard or camera monitoring. We are driven to protect our clients from every threat while simultaneously blending in with your business model. To uphold the integrity of our partner companies, we exclusively employ cannabis security professionals who embody our ethos of professionalism and courtesy. Defending your people, securing your assets, and representing your company with excellence are our promises with every security service. 

To explore the best options for your NJ companies, our adaptable security firm is here to accommodate you in any way that we can. In addition to our all-inclusive dispensary and hotel security in New Jersey, ask our security team about other relevant service options such as private security detail and event security to support your next promotional venture. 

Our security recommendations and insights are obligation-free. Get in touch with our security experts to compare safety strategies, learn more about our team, and receive a detailed estimate for your dispensary’s security needs today. 

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When you want to improve your hospital safety, then choose us. Our team will keep you safe.

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