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If you have a passion for improving the lives of others, a desire to protect, and would like to grow with a team of experienced security professionals, Extrity is currently hiring motivated individuals who are ready to excel. As a leading security agency in the Philadelphia area, we serve a diverse client base, and to provide the best security service possible, we are actively recruiting security professionals that are adaptable, vigilant, and willing to serve with the best in the industry. 

From VIP clientele in need of active protection to Philadelphia bar security, working with Extrity offers flexible security jobs that will prepare you for the highest levels of service within the security industry. Our security jobs are tailored to each client’s needs; from unarmed security jobs monitoring event activities, to armed security guard jobs for elite corporate and celebrity protection, we provide our clients with an organized, professional, and personable security service that promotes lasting peace of mind.

Why Work with Extrity in Philadelphia? 

Flexible Hours & Positions

Great Pay & Supportive Team

Valuable Experience in Diverse Settings

Improve the Lives of Others Every Day

The Best Security Training in the Industry

& Multiple Opportunities to Advance in Philadelphia, PA...

security jobs hiring in philadelphia

We Offer Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Positions in Philadelphia

We actively encourage new security personnel to pursue consistent growth, apply their unique talents in their areas of specialty, and promote a strong sense of community among our security professionals. Our goal is to sculpt top-tier security professionals, so even if you are just beginning a new career in security, we have a variety of amazing opportunities that will prepare you for a lifetime of success in Philadelphia.

Contact Extrity to Begin the Security Jobs Hiring Process

Along with providing the best security services in Philadelphia for our clients, we’re equally motivated to provide a healthy foundation and constructive work environment for our employees. Even if you are new to the security industry, we are willing to train the right individuals and will prepare you with the fundamental skills and supportive foundation it takes to grow with our team. We offer comprehensive training courses, pair our new security professionals with experienced team members, and continuously work to optimize safety and security protocols in an ongoing effort to remain the top security firm in the area. 

If you’re ready to make a difference with a rewarding career in security, get in touch with our recruiters to learn more about our available security guard jobs in Chicago and the Philadelphia area. We look forward to hearing from you; apply here to begin the process and become a member of our leading security team today! 

We Offer the Following Job Opportunities:

Unarmed Security Guard at Schools, Businesses & Events

Armed Security for VIP Clients

Bar Security

& Much More!

Apply for an Armed Security Job in Philadelphia, PA

Many of our security guard positions in Philadelphia require trained professionals that are adept in their respective fields. If you have previously been employed in an armed security job, have relevant weapons training, or have a military or police background, we would love to speak with you. As Philly security specialists operating within a range of potentially dangerous situations, it’s essential that our team members have the skills and strategic training necessary to respond with the appropriate interventions to resolve conflicts peacefully.

security guard jobs in philadelphia pa

With our organized security jobs hiring process, we focus on pairing our trained personnel with armed security guard jobs that align with their talents. While our security protocol always prioritizes non-violent de-escalation, as a full-service security firm, our armed security personnel are trained to deal with any threat with the appropriate force necessary. Depending on the client’s specific needs, and if you have the drive to provide a high level of armed protection, you can expect to serve in a rewarding position that highlights the best of your capabilities.

Unarmed Security Jobs Offer Unlimited Growth Potential

When you apply for our unarmed security jobs, our versatile opportunities provide a solid security foundation to build from. If advancement from an unarmed security job to an armed security job is your goal, our expert personnel offer comprehensive training and educational resources for any motivated individuals hoping to progress. We regularly provide our security staff in Philadelphia with the latest security resources, and with our experienced team working by your side, you will have direct access to expert security professionals that are committed to encouraging your growth.

As equal opportunity employers, our security jobs hiring process is open to anyone that is positive and willing to succeed with our team. We can place you in several security guard jobs that capitalize on your specific abilities and will enhance your capabilities with essential security skills like camera monitoring, onsite patrol, and direct guest interaction. If you love working with people, know how to calm disruptive behavior, or are interested in developing a well-rounded security skillset, our security guard jobs will empower you to make a difference as you become one of the best security guards in Philadelphia.

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